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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

i! the southernmost tip of the research triangle the new school year began for Saint Mary's College. Young women came from across the world to build a new 
lime and make a new family. Soon these women realized their home was not just within the Saint Mary's wall or the city of Raleigh. The Triangle and its 
trroundings became their new home, and they will always remember it the way it is now. 


1 1 


1 1 

Far right: Duke chapel; Right: The Old Well at 

n i 








President Jenkins welcomed Oneaka Mack while 
parents helped move their daughters into their 
rooms. Orientation days were filled with new rules 
and lots of changes, but everyone enjoyed all the new 
friends they met. After the long day of moving in 
and shaking lots of hands, everyone was ready for a 
good meal and plenty of sleep. 


Dean Watson and Dean Hack receive students with a warm 

Marshal Rosemary Mcllhenny serves punch at open house. 

Right center: Sophomore Hall Counselors put on a show for the new kids on the 
block. Bottom right: Robin Bullard takes Dean Hack's words of wisdom quite 
seriously. Below: Hall Counselors Joanna Deans and Robin Bullard brighten 
up the campus for the new student's arrival. 

The story 

Above: Jenny Minges gets a new look at the club fair. Left: Elizabeth Dixon 
makes things a little less complicated for the new girls. 




4 ^ £•« 






! HI 


Let the 

Jennifer Boleman, Martha Benbow, and Michelle President Jenkins lends a helping hand whenever 
Smith think they can have their cake and eat it too at needed. 
the hall socials. 

The gambling girls are up at all hours. 

games begin! 

'/ Saint Marys girls go all out for their mixers. Martha and Whitney are full of smiles at Indecision. 

Jane says, "Nutrition Counts!' 

w ■ 


^'w^'^l 1 

^wi**!*^^* ' ^^^^L 

Above: Sly Dr. E uses his wit to manipulate Dean Hack 
into breaking down her security check point. Left: 
Bridget, Gina, and Jenny are caught taking a quick 
break for pizza. 



Carey, Lara, and Ann Maury were keeping the 
crowd alive at Indecision. 

Gloria and her friends found a shady spot to enjoy 

the music. 

ar left: Margaret keeps the crowd cool while serv- 
lg up drinks. Left: Elizabeth and Chris made them- 
ilves at home at the pizza stand. Top right: Marietta 
uts loose to the music. 


Left: Jenny and Charlotte partied hard at the debutante parties all summer long. 
Below: Claire, Elizabeth, and Virginia spent their time at debutante parties as well. 
Right: Liquid Pleasure turned it up at the Lawn Party. 


The Saint Mary's girls were ready to have their picture taken at Delta Sigma Phi. 

Delta Sigma Phi 

There was no time to stop dancing at the lawn party. 

Lawn Party 


in our 


It is the clubs of Saint Mary's that 
add a little mystique to the everyday 
life on campus. 


A Celebration Abroad 



The restored Bishop's house on front campus was the Museum of History Associate's ASID De- 
signer Show House for 1991. 






Because of Their Devotion 

Mr. Tate came to Saint Mary's in 1957 and taught some of our 
mothers. He embodies the best of SMC traditions of adherence to 
strict standards of excellence. He encouraged his students to give the 
best that was in them; he insisted on standards higher than they would 
have chosen for themselves, but when they rose to his standards, they 
felt pride and amazement that they had done so. Mr. Tate opened new 
worlds to generations of students both in and out of the classroom, 

and many re- 
member their 
first tentative 
explorations of 
New York and 
Europe under 
his guidance. 

if v 
1 # 

clockwise from far right: 
as a cheerleader in 1977; 
grading papers, 1991; 
leading his last SMC grad- 
uation, carrying the leg- 
endary mace and followed 
by a devoted student; as 
Santa in Smedes parlor, 
1967, with children, Lisa, 
Anna, and John; snapshot 
from one of his earliest 
SMC graduations. 

The class of 1991 counts itself fortunate in having known the friend- 
ship and leadership of Mr. Tate and Dean Watson. Both are retiring 
after many years of giving generously of themselves to this college. 
We will miss them. 


J They Have Our Dedication 

Dr. Watson come to SMC in 1971. Her dry wit and 
common sense way of cutting to the core of issues 
have endeared her to us all. As a history teacher, her 
faculty for relating events to our lives made the past 
matter to us. She has been a role model for several 
generations of women who wondered how you could 
have it all — career, motherhood, and something stil 
left for yourself. In Dean Watson's case, that some- 
thing is sailing, and we know she will enjoy having 
more time now for it . . . but we will miss her steady 
hand on the tiller here. 

top right: "official" pose, 1991; near right, lecturing to students (date unknown); far right, 
helping with graduation plans; bottom right, sailing; left, balloon chapel, 1988. 


The dining hall rocked as spooks and 
practical jokers showed up for the annual 
Halloween contest. Prizes were given to 
the winners in group, couple, and singles 
categories. Thanks to the faculty and staff 
bakers a cake walk also became the treat 
of the evening. 


clockwise from top right: Margaret McGlohon, Mary Virgi| 
Swain, Scotty Roof, Gretchen Johnson, Anne Burks, Caro 
Hicks; front: Elizabeth Williamson, Katherine Pulliam, 
Sutherlin, back: Anne Finley, Chris Easley, Audrie Adams; M| 
garet Bridger, Marietta Steck, Hunter Grogan, Heather Cl^ 
Letitia Jacobs 



f his year the student body started 
ew tradition, housemother's day. 
ch housemother was treated royal- 
for the day. It started off with 
iakfast in bed and ended with a 
fcial dinner in the cafeteria. All 
ring the day, cards, balloons, 
idy and other gifts were given to 
| housemothers. This day was ded- 
ted to the hard working house- 
thers and was certainly deserved. 

Christmas and 

On Tuesday, December 4th, the spirit of 
Christmas was alive and well at Saint Mary's 
as over 500 luminaries lit the circle drive, 
and students, faculty, and Wake County 
alumnae joined together to celebrate the 
holiday season in festivities in front of 
Smedes Hall. 

The annual candlelight chapel service, 
from which the student body proceeded, 
started the evening off as the tenth annual 
Lighting O' the Grove got under way. Mem- 
bers of the Granddaughters Club lit lu- 
minaries which lined the circle drive and the 
walkway towards Smedes. 

Wake County alumnae and their children, 
members of the community, and neighbors 
from Cameron Park and surrounding areas 
all joined the student body in front of 
Smedes for various entertainment. This in- 
cluded the Saint Mary's carols, and a visit 
from Santa and Scrooge. Treats to alumnae 
children and refreshments for the crowd 
were provided for by the help of the SGA 
and faculty. 

The giant Christmas tree was blessed and 
lit, and was lit every evening until the 
students left for Christmas vacation. The 
annual Circle-Beacon Christmas party 
wound the evening down, as students en- 
joyed another visit from Santa, as well as a 
performance by the Cold Cuts. 


Lighting O' the Grove 


:er Weekend 





'luH^ -*» "' 

■k ' ^daaafl^ 

i 13L 

Left: Melissa Downey, Kristin Gardner 
Becky Covert, Donna King, and Gen 
Wade enjoy a relaxing week at Fort Myers 

The Senior girls set sail for the Bahamas on a cruise they will never forget. Right: Ashley 
Thompson prepares for a great Snorkeling adventure. 



Left: Audrie Adams, Suzanne Nordan, Caroline Mountcastle, Kim 
Goines, Elizabeth Van Dyke, Parker Dawson, Katherine Pulliam, Lisa 
Svendsgaard, Elizabeth Williamson, Claire Norman, Virginia Sharp, 
and Chris Easley took an exciting cruise to the Bahamas. Above: Kathryn 
Oyler and Liz Norfleet take a short rest in the airport on their way to 
Cancun, Mexico. Below: Katherine Scholl, Jenny Dunstan, Beth Wray, 
Elisabeth Holscher, Keely Simerville, and Gary Hodges enjoy the white 
sands of Destin, Florida. 


Clockwise from bel( 
Lea Ann Boy ki n & Ash 
Reeves; Tina Willi. i 
Kristin Gardner, Virgi 
Sharp, Elizabeth 
Dyke, Claire Norm 
Letitia Jacobs; Mich( 

tj&rt/u^ Court 


^ 1 






&^ • 




* rizJrfS?"'-' 

Clockwise from top left: High school processional, Salutorian Allison Poe carries her speech; HS Valedictorian Penny 
Thompson; College processional; Dean Watson gives the college commencement address; College processional (Kristin 
Gardner, Kim Goines, Ann Goldman); College Valedictorian Jenny Hunter; new high school graduates turn their tassels. 

Clockwise from right: HS grads sing school 
hymn; new col. grads. Chief Marshal Eliza- 
beth Denning prepares to drop the handker- 
chief; HS grad Erica Jones; SGA Pres. Hunter 
Cirogan accepts The President's Award; Col. 
Salutorian Sandy Fincher; Gina H ami 11 re- 
ceives congratulations for a 4.0 for the year 
(Jenny Hunter & Jennifer Hall were also cited 
for perfect averages). 




On April 11, the front campus of Saint 
Mary's was turned into quite a carnival. Each 
club sponsored an event for faculty, staff, 
and students to enjoy. Some of these events 
were raffles, tug-of-war, pictures, cake 
walks, pie and water balloon tosses, and even 
a dunking booth. The special highlights of 
the afternoon were the performances by the 
Cold Cuts and Dr. E.'s Band. Spring Fling 
concluded with a picnic in the patio. 


Silent S' Easter Egg Hunt 

Saint Mary's was the "hopp'n" place to be 
on March 27. Silent S had their 1st Annual 
Easter Egg Hunt, on front campus. Eggs 
filled with candy were hidden all over, along 
with a few other special surprises such as pic- 
ture frames and money. There were also 
other festivities such as the egg toss and 
spoon race. Not only did Saint Mary's girls 
get involved in the fun, but several children 
did too. It was especially fun for them be- 
cause of the girls dressing up in a rabbit cos- 
tume. Many pictures were taken with the 
rabbit to remember the 1st Easter Egg Hunt 
at SMC. Since the results were outstanding, 
there are going to be many more hunts to 


Sophomore Picnic 



P Friends 
1 Forever 



h W *" ^ n^(V 




s&yK . 

/ J C~-J y Twi^ 







Audrie Love Adams 

How lucky we are to have something that makes 
saying goodbye. so hard, — Annie 

Pamela Sheree Allred 

Mary Chapman Andrew 

Virginia Holt Basinger 

Alison Leigh Bates 

You will be quite friendly xvith your enemy when 
you both die. — Kahlil Gibran 

Charlotte Thorpe Bikle 

Thanks for all the memories, the laughter, an 
the fun, the joy our friendship brought to me. ll 
happy things we've done — thanks for undr 
standing and believing in me. too. thanks (>• 
being you. Card Sharks and Lamda Alpha EM 
— / love you. 


Margaret Walters Boette 

Amy Alicia Bolin 

Jade Elizabeth Brannock 

ve given up my search for truth, and now I I've learned at SMC, that three people can keep 
looking for a good fantasy. a secret, if two of them are dead. 

Margaret Taylor Bridger 

Sara Elizabeth Brooks 

I've been lazy almost all my life writing songs 
and sleeping late, and any manual labor I done 
is purely by mistake. — jimmy Buffet 

April Nicole Browne 

Carolyn Louise Bullock 

Bridget Elaine Butler 

l know nothing stays the same, but ij you're will- 
ing to play the game, it's coming around again. 

— Carlj Simon. W ATS! -CARP E DIEM- 
LAMDA ALPHA BETA — I love you, ladies 

— Geeda. 

Sarah Marie Calandra 


Casey Elizabeth Caudill 

Being good is not enough when yon dream of 
being great. 

Christina Lee Clark 

We may never meet again . . . but when we re- 
member, we will be close in heart. (Flavia) All] 
the while . . . did yon know we were making] 
memories ? I nknown. 


\ura Mercedes Colmenares 

Rebecca Louise Covert 

Holland Morrow Coward 

iy love to my mother, father, and brother. 
s, / love you so much. Uncle John and Aunt 
•11, I love you too. Thanks for everything 
, I could not have lived without modem 
ige, club Waterloo, and paradise. I kid you 

If I stayed here with you girls, things just 
wouldn't be the same, because I'm as free as a 
bird now and this bird will never change. — 
Lynard Skynard. I love you girls and I'll never 
forget you! 

Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver 
and the other is gold. Thanks for the memories 

Judy Katherine Crummie 

•arning to live without you now, but I miss 
ometimes. The more I know, the less I 
stand, all the things I thought I knew, I'm 
\ng again. — Don Henley. 


Heath Covington Dalton 

You always have boundaries, let someone else 
choose them and they're restrictions. Choose 
them yourself and they're principles. 

Sarah Parker Dawson 

This paper may crumble and this ink someday 
fade, but never the memories of the friends I 
have made. You never really leave a place you 
love. Part of it you take with you, leaving purl of 
you behind. — Anonymous. 


Heather Danne Delano 

The weeks we spend together laughing, become 
a jmrt of all we do. The friends we've made 
won't he forgotten, though times together so few. 

Melissa Dawn Downey 

Lois Elizabeth Dupree 

All that you touch and all that you see, is all llm 
your life will ever be. — Pink Floyd. 

Alicia Pat Dyer 

Where ever they go and what ever happens to 
them on the way, in the enchanted place on top 
of the forest, a little girl and her white bear u'ill 
always he playing. — Pooh Bear. 

Christine Teresa Easley 

It is still true no matter haw old you are when 
you go out into the world, it is best to hold hands 
and stick together. — Robert Fulghum. 

Sandra Paillette Fincher 

"Ne te quaesiveris extra' 

-from Persius Sal 


Anne Wilson Finley 

\sh:Inyou my friend, I found a second selj . 

Ryoko Fujimaki 

Margorie Lena Fulenwilder 

Kristen Lee Gardner 

•gratulations! Today is your day. You're off 
real places, you're off and away! And mil 
succeed? Yes! You will indeed! (98 and '/-/ 
■ent guaranteed.) Kid, You'll move Monn- 
ftJ Dr. Seuss 

Kimberly Elizabeth Goines 

When you pari from your friend, you grieve 
not: for thai which you love most in him may he 
clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the 
climber is clearer to the plain. Kahili Gihrau 

Mary Virginia Green 


Catherine Webster Grimes 

Rebecca Anne Goldman 

Been talking more and more about less and less Try , c i wml , lnc ro(u j ,i ml , s right for you. One, 
and forgetting the love we bring. In times oj ymt - vr made liu , cnmcei lrml your lnlu j, l<m . 
war, the trivial aspects oj life hale anger take too 
much lime, just remember lone ana peace — 
such simple things. 

Elizabeth Hunter Grogan 

I'm glad I did it, partly because it was wellwim 
it, but chiefly became I never will do it aguii 
Mark Twain. I love you all and will nei 

Jennifer Anne Hall 

I plead the Fifth. 

Eugenia Montgomery Hamill 

Lamba Alpha Beta. Carpe Diem. Cardsharks. 
The Crazy Ladies. Dissect the specimen. Road 
trips. Geeda at night. Hey. hey Paula. Seaet 
suilemates. Ron. Ramble on. Char B. rules. 
When it Rains it pours. Hey Hodges. Mom. 
Narc. My friendlies, thanks for the memories. 

Mary Cristeen Hatcher 


Tiffany Renee Haynes 

Tressa Kristen Haynes 

When you look at the sky, I hope you always see 
eternity — not jet planes, ana that you love life 
simply for its beauty as you did as a child. — ft. 
Sh uping 

Cary Harden Hodges 

Crazy Ladies. Road trips to HS. Come play. 
Winnie — lox>e ya tons. Maps crew. Lab speci- 
mens. Hey Hamill. Geeda at night. Hey, hey 
Paula. Beth C. Wray — love ya. Morehead 
summer crew. 3rd Penick. Cool girls, cold beer. 
Seelys house. Four year girls — we made it. 


Cornelia Elizabeth Holmes 

To each his own, I'll go mine. Best of luck with 
what you find, but for your own sake, remember 
times we used to know. — Jelhro Tull. I love you 
cardsharks! Lamda Alpha Beta! Bye! 

Elizabeth Anne Holscher 

If we Couldn't laugh, I think we would all go 
insane. — Jimmy Buffett. 

Paula Leigh Hopper 

Over the years I have learned that what is br, 
portant in a dress is the woman who is wearin 


Yves Saint Laurent. 

Ann Summerson Houck 

Jenny Ann Hunter 

If we had no faults of our own, we would not 
take so much pleasure in noticing those of theirs. 
— Francois, Due De La Roche Foucauld. 

Kanae Ikemiya 


Margaret Letitia Jacobs 

m. Crazy ladies. Carpe Diem. Lamda 
i Beta. Geeda. M.V. Betty. Boots. CharB. 

"L, EH, MS, RM. Catch one. Biology 
' Get lit Wats. Card Sharks. Let's go play! 
lin Jack. Ronnie! Indecision. Where's 
•a? Fun land with Geeda. Running out oj 
\iarble. Thanks ladies, I love yall! 

Jane Brooke Jaeger 

If you can't be good, be good at it. 

Virginia Allen James 

The object of life is not to see through one an- 
other but to see one another through. — anony- 
mous. How lucky xve are to have something that 
makes saying goodbye so hard. — Annie. 3rd 
Penick — Jessie luv Wheel — I luv Cardsharks 
— Maps and Wats rule — Lamda Alpha Beta. 

Angel Rene e Jar r ell 

Marion Lee Johanson 

Katherine Evans Jordan 

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin 
it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. 
— Goethe, German philosopher. 


Patricia Michelle Kicidis 

Donna Elaine King 

Sarah LeGwin Wooten Lam 

What's up . . Hey Hey Paula Spring God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I Good limes, bad limes, crying limes, lau«ik 

Break90&91 . . . the ladies #/, #2, Geeta, cannot change; Ike courage to change the things times fur all these times — I celebrate y ' 

friends . . . Rip it up! 

...Hire; the courage la change 
KS, JD, GH, MR, Boots, Bambu . . . Always / can; an ,i j) l( . wtM iom to know the different 
remember to Carpe Diem . . . 1 hanks SMC . . . 
Here's to better days — UGA! 

Catherine Davison Lassiter 

Kristin Elizabeth Lawson 

Once in a while you get shown the light, in the 
strangest of places if you look at it right. — 
Grateful Dead 

Laura Maure Lewallen 


Christina Leah Lovell 

Is are medicines which our gracious and 
physician prescribes, because we need 
; and he proportions the frequency and 
ht of them to what the case requires. Let us 
his skill and thank him for his prescription . 

Frances Elizabeth Martin 

Yuko Matsuyama 

semary Goodwin Mcllhenny 

baper may crumble, this ink may jade, but 
' the friends that I have made here. 

Martha Renea Millner 

Caroline Holt Mountcastle 

No matter how difficult it may seem, you have 
with in you the power, the ability, and the 
knowledge to make things better. — Lindsey 


Alison Stuart Nanninga 

Let not the mares of the sea separate us now, and 
the years you have spent in our midst become a 
memo)y . . . and ever has it been that love knows 
not its own depth until the hour of separation. 
— The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran 

Suzanne McLean Nordan 

Elizabeth Re id Nor fleet 

Remembering others 

makes you harder to 

Claire Garnett Norman 


Catherine MacClure O'Brien 

We know where we're going, we know where 
we're from. — Bob Marley 

Sheila Robb O'Brien 

Thank you Granny. Mum. Dad, Catherin 
Aura. I love you all. Thanh also to HI' Bih 
Club Waterloo, Johnny Brown and A/<i| 
Vintage, because it's only Rock'n'RoUi 


Michiko Ogawa 

end is the beginning. Bye Bye Saint Mary's! 

Amanda Carol Poole 

Janet Caroline Poythress 

Wednesday night social with KS at PR's . . . 
RachaelU! . . . 2nd Penich . . . Raising Hell 
. . . Loveshaelt . . . MAPS rule . . . Fvddah . . . 
John . . . I -Board . . . Yes 1 am 25 . . . Green- 
ville Bound — Hell Yeah! 

Katherine Anne Pulliam 

his paper may crumble and this ink someday 
de, but never the memories of the friends I 
we made. "It's only life after all. " — Indigo 

Martha Patricia Ratzlaff 

Sonya Michelle Reason 

Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what 
yon love and believe in, and it xvill come natur- 
ally. — David Frost 


Sue Jett Russler 

Listen to the MUSTN'TS, child. Listen In tin 
DONTS, Listen to the SHOULDNTS, tlid\ 
IMPOSSIBLES, the WONTS, Listen to lh*.\ 
NEVER HAVES, Then listen close In me — | 
Anything can happen, child, ANYTHING can 
be. — Shel Silverslein 

Anna Katherine Scholl 

It's another goodbye to another good friend. 
After all is said and done, gotta move but it's too 
fun. Well, let me walk before they make me run. 
— Rolling Stones 

When I first came here, I never thought I would 
have to leave. — unknown 


Virginia King Sharp 

iays knew that looking back on us crying 
make me laugh, but I never thought look- 
ick at us laughing would make me cry." 
mous. Tharikyouso much Mom and Dad 
• best and happiest three years, I love you! 

Mary Richard Shapard 

Keely McGlone Simerville 

Our uniqueness means we are drawn to dif- 
ferent things. I must take responsibility myself 
for mailing happen what I would like to have 
happen and not see your initiative as a test of my 

Susan Katherine Smith 


Jeanne Stancill 

Marietta Josey Steck 

"This paper may crumble and this ink may fade, 
but never the memories of the friends, I've 
made." Unknown. I Love You Card Sharks, 


Grace Wells Stephens 

"I'm so glad we had this time together just to 
have a laugh and sing a song. Seems we )iisl got 
started and before you know it comes the time to 
say so long." 

Sarah Alice Stevens 

"Thanks to those few who believed in me and 
helped me achieve my potential. You will never 
be forgotten." 

Kerrie Edith Strickler 

"1 1 1 leave here tomorrow will you still return 
me? . . . ; 'cause I'm as free as a bird now. 
this bird will never change." Lynard Shut' 
3rd Penich. 4yr. girl Mutt & Hermie. Fiida 
Abracadabra. Maps. Lake. Wednesday n, 
social. JP. Rachael. Carry. Hen. Kichmi 

Leila Mcllhenny Sutherlin 

"I always knew that looking back on us ciying 
would make me laugh, but I never thought that 
looking back at us laughing would make me 
cry!" Anonymous. Always leave them laughing 
when you have to say goodbye!! Mother Goose 

Lisa Irene Svendsgaard 

"All things are always changing but nothing 
dies. The spirit comes and goes, is housed wher- 
ever it wills, shifts residence on living. " Pythag- 

Satomi Uchida 



, Elizabeth Grimes VanDyke 


tmu, can't be a highway, then just be a trail. If 

M can't be the sun, be a star. It isn't by size that 
,i win or fail — be the best at whatever you 
)■!" Douglas Matloch 

Eugenia Marshburn Wade 

"Gosh I can't believe it's time! Thanks so much 
for making these past four years the best of 
times! I'm going to miss ya'll so much! Re- 
member . . . Live for today. Look for tomorrow, 
Put behind yesterday. Rest this afternoon." 

Karla Nicole Waters 

"We are close at heart though miles apart and 
now my friends, who are we? We are who never 
would have been without each other." 

lizabeth Romaine Williamson 

u never really leave a place you love. Part of 
ou take with you, leaving part of you be- 

Tina Lynn Williams 

"Challenge me world! I'm not afraid of what 
lies ahead, my only fear is to die without hailing 
lived. Don 7 cheat yourself Out of life, just go fin- 
it! What are you waiting for anyway, death? 
Remember, it's not how you fall, it's how you 

Elizabeth. Farley Wray 

"The important thing is to be able at any mo- 
ment to sacrifice what we are for what we could 
become ." Charles Bubois. Carpe Diem. Lambda 
Alpha Beta. Cardsharks! 


3aip Kuchin 


Blatt Dawbarn 


U" o,V a ^^\^ ^ 

trtSjq Overture. V\ 



H tMfr 


,C °t^ H 




/ _ . 


~r ^^M 


... .., 



— -T~ 


Elizabeth Aiken 

Nicole Baer 

Susan Bracken 

Sara Burnish 

Adria Altemus 

Lea Baker 

Mary Brewer 

Jennifer Caine 

Amy Augustine 

Allison Boatright 

Robin Bullard 

Tracy Campbell 

Leah Austin 

Lea Ann Boykin 

Ardis Burford 

Tisha Carroll 


Alice Chambers 
Beth Connors 
]/ Erin Davis 

Amy Duval 

Megen Channell 

Dawn Covington 

Blake Dawbarn 

Amy Eason 

Lee Anna Clark 

Jennifer Culberson 

Joanna Deans 

Catherine Edmondson 

Sidney Coggins 

Elizabeth Daniel 

Elizabeth Denning 

Beth Everette 


Meredith Ferrell 

Paige Gould 

Caroline Hairston 

Louise Harris 

Beth Ford 

Angie Futrelle 

Debbie Goldstone 


Alicia Greene 

Elizabeth Green 

Meredith Griffin 

Ashley Hamilton 

Julie Hamilton 

Rachel Hanover 


Cortney Harwood 

Molly Hill 

Shannon Holbrook 


Catherine Hubbard 
, Anne Jones 
L Mary Killeen 
Julia Lawing 

Meredith Howard 

Ashley Jones 

Shayla Kirchin 

Julia Lynn 

Weldon Jackson 

Nicole Jurovics 

Carrie Kitchin 

Brinley Long 

Lucas James 

Allison Key 

Niki Knowles 

Tracy Lutz 


Yuko Matsuyama 

Elizabeth McKay 

Jennifer Misenheimer 

Michele Maroon 

Kathryn Mays 

Michelle McLaughlin 

Mitzi Monroe 

Jennifer Morris 

Elizabeth McDonald 

Millis McMeekin 

Kim Moore 

Tricia Morvan 

Georgia McDun 
Kathryn McRee 
Allison Morgan 
Denice Nasekos 


Sissy Overbeck 
I Kimberly Pressley 
\> Jennifer Rose 
Barbara Shackleford 

Elizabeth Paxton 
Susan Raine 

Lisa Sappenfield 
Beth Sherrill 

Stephanie Phillips 

Ashley Reeves 

Ginny Schmidt 

Rosamond Sloan 

Dena Pittman 

Lori Rogers 

Lisa Ann Sedlak 

Page Smith 


Sarah Smith 
Wendy Starr 
Alexa Taylor 
Amy Towery 

Heather Smithwick 
Nicole Steele 
Andra Taylor 
Gillian Troy 

Amanda Snell 

Allison Swindell 

Anna Taylor 

Meg Tuttle 

Melanie Soloman 

Lara Sykes 

Lissa Thomson 

Stacy Tyree 


Naomi Vrano 
| Allison Watts 
y Aimee White 
1 Machiko Yumako 

Linnell Vaughan 

Suzanne Wayne 

Nicole Willard 

Ellen Zimmerman 

Debbie Wade 
Cecelia Welton 
Gray Williams 

Anne Walker 
Sally Whichard 
Rosalinde Wood 


Jr r^c^j^ Qr^0^ot<M^ 

iy/? c^l s* 





Lynnwood Elizabeth Beard 

We shared our dreams, our hopes and /ears. We 
shared some laughter and shed some tears. 
We've known each other for such a short time yet 
in our hearts it feels like forever. — Cheryl Ha- 

Edith Cornelia Bender 

Stephanie Ellen Best 

Robin Ward Bonnoit 

They ain't seen nothing yet — Poison. 

Annie Catherine Chalmen 

Charlotte Amalie Chiswell 

I know not all that may he coming, but he it ;<| 
it will, I'll go to it laughing. — Herman Al 


Nancy Grist Corcoran 

Lauren Bryan Counts 

Valerie Elizabeth Crew 

Yesterday's overmy shoulder so 1 can't look back Time I was on my way, still I'm much obliged. 

For such a pleasant stay, but now it's I 
to go. Babe I'm gonna leave you, 
summer comes along — R.P..J.P. 

any more, there is just too much to see waiting in For such a pleasant stay, but now it's time [or me 
for me and I know that I just can't go wrong. — to go. Babe I'm gonna leave you, when the 
Jimmy Buffet. 

Myra Shannon Dana 

Stephanie Ann Marie Dickens 

Adrienne Lynn Dickerson 


Kendra Lee Dillingham 

The greatest happiness of life is the conviction 
that we are loved, for ourselves, of rather loved 
in spile of ourselves. — Victor Hugo 

Stacy Leigh Dolan 

Turning back the hands of time. Holding on to 
misty memories, happy endings'. 

Mary Holloway Donnell 


Jennifer Dawn Driver 

Leigh Elizabeth Easton 

he shoe fits, buy two pair. 

Ashley Michelle Edmonds 

Lara Ann Eppert 

When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse 
out of the corner of my eye, I turned to look, but 
it was gone, the child is grown, the dream is 
gone. — Pink Floyd 

Anna White Ferguson 

Emily Victoria. Feulner 

iou ever know that you're my hero, you're 
'thing I wish I could be. I can fly higher 

\,,an eagle, cause you are the wind beneath 

I'.mgs. — Bette Midler 

Got no time for spending roots, the time has Like an angel, standing in a shaft of light, ris- 

come to be gone: and though I helped, we drank ing up to paradise, you know I'm gonna shine. 

1000 times, it's time to ramble on. — Led — Grateful Dead 


Mary Carolyn Fay 

I'd rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a 
whole lifetime of nothing special. — Steel Mag- 
nolias. Seasons change with the scenery, leav- 
ing time in a tapestry, oh won't you stop and re- 
member me? — Simon and Garjunkle. 

Jessica Anne Geer 

Gracen Burns Glenn 

Dancing fires on the beach, singing soup 
together, though it's just a memory, some men 
ories last forever. — Rush 

Katherine Adams Gregory 

When you're real, shabbiness doesn't matter. 
Veveteen Rabbit 

Christine Lee Griffin 

Amy Louise Hardison 

No person was ei'er honored for what hem 
cieved. Honor has been the reward for tvliiM 
gave. — Calvin Coolidge. 


Jennifer Alison Hayes 

Barbie Jan Heath 

Mary LeAnne Honeycutt 

reams to remember. 

Julia Marie Howard 

Susan Anne Inabinet 

Kathryn Killick Johnson 

So you can get on with your search and I can get We've not seen each other now for a longtime, 
on with mine and maybe someday we will find Each day at head of stream I remember us there 
that it wasn't really wasted time. — Eagles arm in arm. Arm in arm, at one we were. And 

memoiy renews the pain of sudden good-bye. If 
memory is thus, how deep was feeling then. — 
Wans Woi 


Martha Margaret Johnston 

Erica Paula Jones 

Shannon Leigh Jones 

Life is too short to worry about unimport 
things. Reach for the sky and touch your st 
and then you'll find your dreams. So, be you 
be foolish, but be happy! — the Tarns 

Eden Marie Kane 

Children aren't to be molded, but adults to be 

You're obnoxious, I said. Yes, but I canno\ 
alone, he said. For the first time in nrv 
realized, sometimes you do need someone 
when it isn't for something rewarding I 
King and John Grant 


Allison Christophe Little 

Oneaka Deshon Mack 

Lisa Dawn Martin 

Let's face it, black is beautiful and its so beauti- We will all live under the same sky, but we will 
ful to be black. — Anonymous not have the same horizon. 

Camilla Rodman May 

We do not grow up day by day in a continual 
process uj maturation. We grow up in spurts. 
Increasing maturity is visited upon us as occa- 
sional lighting strikes, leaving us dumbfound- 
ed.and disoriented, wounded, but hopefully 

Anna Clay Mc Adams 

It is clear the future holds great opportunities. It 
also holds pitfalls. The trick will be to avoid the 
pitfalls, seize the opportunities and gel back 
home by 12:30. — Yee Min Chan 

Natalie Renee McLean 

Melissa Marie Morris 

I'm gonna fly, no one knows where, I'm gonna 

S, soar through the air. And I have found for 
' first lime that I can be myself, even if I am 
the only one who learns to fly. — Amy Grant 

Christina Lee Mulkey 

Cicely Michelle Osborne 


Whitney Christie Owens 

Elizabeth Doiv Perry 

This is not the end, it is not even the beginning 
of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the be- 
ginning. — Winston Churchill 

Margaret Radford Perry 

Allison Ay cock Poe 

Raeshelle Marie Praeter 

Margaret Ann Ratliffe 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — / took 
the one less traveled by, and it has made all the 
difference. — Robert Frost 


Ashley Henderson Ray 

Catherine Blair Reid 

Maria Jose Salazar 

We are young despite the years. We are con- You can only live life once, but if you live it 
cerned, we are hope, despite the times. — right, once is enough. — Anonymous 


Kerri Wells Shinn 

Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime, 
we'll take the best, forget the rest, and someday 
we'll find; these are the best times. — Styx 

Jennifer Leigh Simpson 

Cause if you're ever believing in thinking of 
leaving look to the moon. Cause it's a fad she 
may go wandering about but she always comes 
shining back true, I'll wait for you. — Indigo 


Jennifer Ann Soteres 

Susan Elizabeth Spivey 

Jennifer Justine Stocks 

erday's over my shoulder, so I can't look Our special friendships started here, wemaynot 

■ward too long, there's just too much to see always be together, but we'll always be near, the 

ing in front of me and I know that I just memories we have, we'll never forget, Til the 

t go wrong. —Jimmy Buffett time we left, from the time we met. 

Leigh Ann Strickland 

rave enough to live life creatively. The 
ive place is where no one else has ever been, 
have to leave the city of your comfort and go 
'the wilderness of your intuition. — Alan 

Melissa Lynn Swartz 

Jennifer Marie Thomas 


Ashley Ann Grace Thompson 

Don't hang on, nothing last forever but the 
earth and sky. Dust in the wind, all we are is 
dust in the wind. — Kansas. Thanks j or every- 
thing! I love ya'tt! Mum. Ryan, liritt, Cynthia. 
Ashley, Katheiyn. Jennifer, and Carolyn. 

Penny Gay Thompson 

Helen Kristin Trammell 

Cristina Leah Vocalan 

Mary Elizabeth Walker 

So I said goodbye to all my friends and packed No more speed I'm almost there, gotta keep cool 
my hopes inside a matchbox, 'cause I knew it was an( j / g 0tta take care. — Golden Earring, 
time to fly. — Led Zeppelin. 

Catherine Rice Walsh 

To all the friends I've left behind. I just wn 
you to know, you've shared my deepest, dn 
dreams. I'll miss you when I go. — Alan I 
ect. God bless Paula Elizabeth Neurit 
American by birth, southern by the grace of 
— Lewis Grizzard 

Ashley Granger Wardell 

Carey Vincent Willey 

Amy Turner Williams 

I leave here tomorrow, will you still remember Someday when we reminisce, we'll say there Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two 

!?1 must be travelin' onnow, to many places I wasn't too much we mused. And through the is four. If that is granted, all other will follow, 

ttasee. — Lynryd Skynyrd tears, we'll smile when we recall we had it all.— — Eric Blair 

St. Elmo's Fire 

Jennifer Kathleen Williams 

Regina Dawn Williams 

Cynthia Jeanette Youngblood 

n t give up until you drink from the silver Q n an d on you go. The seconds stick the time Though it's just a memory, some memories last 
» and ride that highway in the sky. America ouL There's so much left to know. And I'm in the forever. — Rush 

road to find out. — Cat Stevens 



WJtyt^ ^L 

t ^i^ 

uJ 1 






/W(*fwwC (yfkuic 



Jennifer Barton 
Jennifer Boleman 

Nina Cavallaro 
Jennifer Garrison 

Suzanne Bell 

Caitlin Brady 

Alex Edmondson 

Elizabeth Gillam 

Martha Benbow 

Liza Browning 

Kim Egner 

Anne Glenn 

Lauren Blaney 

Tiffany Cashwell 

Lisa Furukawa 

Jill Grahek 

i Catherine Hair 
)/ Wendy Hess 

Amy Hobbs 
Ellie Jarman 

Morgan Harper 

Lousia Hickman 

Melissa Inscoe 

VIeredith Johnson 

Jodie King 

Carmeletta Locklear 

Lindsay Luxton 

Leah McCotter 

Holleigh McLaurin 

Caroline Mercurio 

Lainey Milani 

Julie Musgrave 

Mayumi Okima 

Bree Parker 

Allison Partridge 

Raeshelle Prater 

Jalayne Shelor 

Jane Singleton 

Michelle Smith 


Susan Stone 
// Valerie Vincent 

Gloria Taft 
Susan Whitt 

Misti Tomsu 

Kyle Underwood 

-<i \. 

Front: Margaret McGIohon, Nina Cavallarc 
middle: Louise Harris, Ardis Buford, Meg TuttU 
Hunter Grogan, Elizabeth Williamson, Jan 
Singleton, Sarah Lamm, Ann Maury Smith, Eli; 
abeth Gillam, back: Kristin Gardner, Donn 
King, Blake Dawbarn, Gillian Troy, Paige Smid 
Brooke Jaeger, and Polly Yeargan 

% H 

The 1990-91 and 1991-92 SGA Members 

A Special Dedication 

When war in the Persian Gulf broke out 
in January of this year, people were affect- 
ed all over, including Saint Mary's. Sev- 
eral girls in Smedes decided to make a 
bulletin board which read "Make Love, 
Not War" to show their love and apprecia- 
tion for their boyfriends, friends, and rel- 
atives as well as all the other troops who 
were sent so far away from home. 


■ vfe 

L990 Mini Mag 1991 Mini Mag 1990 Mini Mag 1991 Mini Mag 


It was crude, even lewd. But this time fans were spared where she's tattooed. 


Madonna kicked off her 1990 world tour, "Blonde Ambition," with a seven-concert tour of Japan beginning in April then 
came back to perform in the U.S. and on to more shows in Europe. 



I Celebrating the fruits of their summit diplomacy, President Bush and Soviet President Mikhail S. Gorbachev shook hands and 
jgned a sheaf of agreements, including a conditional trade accord. During the June ( 1990) summit, the leaders also embraced a 
ireliminary deal to cut long-range nuclear arms. 


< On April 22, an estimated 200 million people all over the planet celebrated the 20th anniversary of Earth Day as activists 
[deaded for the rise of a new "conservation generation" to care for the fragile environment. 


,1 Massive crowds turned out for African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela at every stop on his six-week tour of three 


..• * 



y V 





i -" '.•"." , *' 

H ■ 



A legion of clipboard-toting counters sought out shelters, 
subways and steam grates on March (1990) in the broadest 
attempt ever to find out the extent of homelessness since it be- 
came a national disgrace in the 1980's. 


The U.S. Senate rejected a constitutional amendment against 
flag burning on June 26 with critics arguing that it was already 
dead and being debated largely as ammunition for use against 
them at election time. 



Dr. Clauston Jenkins, President of the College 

Clockwise from above: Dr. Elgiva Watson, Dean of the College; 
Dr. Bauso in student-faculty Softball game; (also top right); Mardi 
Hack, Dean of Students; the Rev. Janet Watrous, College Chap- 
lain; Dr. Esthimer and his band. 


Dr. Karen Johnson 
Associate Prof., Social Studies 

J. Arthur McRae 
Assoc. Prof, of Mathematics 

Dr. Kenneth Guilmart 
Asst. Professor of Latin 

Dr. Joseph Caddell 
Associate Prof, of History 

Scotty Roof 
Assoc. Director of Admissions 

Dr. Wylie Quinn 
Professor of Religion 

Carolyn Hicks 
Personal and Career Counselor 


Betty Adams 
Mary Lida Alexander 

Ellen Few Anderson 

Kenneth Babb 

Joan Battle 

Dr. Thomas Bauso 
Betty Bell 

Christine Benshoff 

Terry Berg-Hayden 

Ellen Birch 


Louise Bolash 
Deborah Buchanan 

Anne Burks 
Georgette Campbell 

Bonnie Clark 
Ruth Council 
Windel Crawley 

Barbara Elliott 

Dr. Steven Esthimer 

Hiram Fuller 

Faye Fussell 
Helen Godwin 


Alice Greiner 

Dr. Margaret Grissom 

Nicole Hagan 

Dr. John Hume 

Alice Hunter 

Diane Johnson 

Gloria Graham 
Selden Gray 



Joyce Johnson 
Margie Johnson 

Sarah Johnson 
Mary Lou Jones 
Tom Kaufman 

Marjorie Maddrey 
Dr. Lucy Melbourne 
Rosalene Metzger 

. E 

Linda Mueller 
Susan Musgrave 

Margaret McGlohon 

Dr. Margaret O'Shaughnessey 

Mary Pearson 

Dr. Beth Proctor 
Henry Read 
Alice Sarola 


Susanne Schmidt 
Margaret Selph 

Dr. Martha Smith 
Mary Virginia Swain 
Terry Thompson 


Mary Whitt 
Emmett Windham 

i\ 'i kfc 

Anna Wooten-Hawkins 
Tad Wyman 
Donna Zelvis 



The Saint Mary's students are repr 
sented by the Students Governmei 
Association officers, a governing boc 
which consists of ten hard workin 
members. The purposes of this organ 
zation are to instill in the students tl 
principles of self-control, respons 
bility, and honor, to foster loyalty i 
the college, to maintain a spirit of o 
operation among the students, facult 
and staff, and in every way possible tr 
best interest of Saint Mary's Colleg 
The 1990-91 SGA set a goal of creatir 
a combination of both old traditiof 
and making new ones to bring a bond i 
unity throughout the school. 

Standing: Elizabeth Williamson, Polly Yeargan, Janet Poythress, Ann Maury Smith, Kathryn Johnson, sitting: 
Sarah Lamm, Hunter Grogan, Donna King, Kristin Gardner 


Hall Counselors 

The position of Hall Counselor is one 
the utmost importance to the College 
mmunity. She is delegated major re- 
onsibilities for the development of a 
'Sitive living environment on her 
11. Hall Counselors are expected to 
esent themselves as positive role 
jdels, to practice humility, consider- 
on, friendliness, helpfulness and de- 
ndency. It is an honor to be chosen as 
rlall Counselor at Saint Mary's. 

Dorm Council 

Dorm Council is the governing boc, 
responsible for dealing with infra 
tions of rules in the dormitories. Tr 
members of Dorm Council include tl 
Chairman of Dorm Council, the Unde 
classman Vice-President, the Dean c 
Students, an appointed faculty membi 
and two representatives from eac 
class. Dorm Council deals with latene 
past curfew, failure to sign in and 01 
properly, failure to attend hall mee 
ings and disturbance of quiet hours. 

Back Row: Jennifer Simpson, Jennifer Boleman, Suzanne Bell, Page Smith, Front Row: Beth 
Sherrill, Ann Maury Smith, Kristin Gardner, Elizabeth Van Dyke 


Four Year Girls 

The four year girls is a club com- 
posed of a group of girls who have 
attended Saint Mary's beginning their 
junior year in high school through 
their sophomore year in college. To 
these girls Saint Mary's is truly a place 
to be charished. They have learned to 
relate to both the high school and col- 
lege sections of Saint Mary's because 
they have experienced both perspec- 

Back row: Ashley Griffin, Heath Dal- 
ton, Geni Wade, April Browne, Letitia 
Jacobs, Lisa Svendsgaard, Audrie 
Adams, Carolyn Bullock, middle row: 
Cary Hodges, Elizabeth Williamson, 
Kerrie Strickler, Ginny James, Jade 
Brannock, Donna King, front row: Ali- 
son Nanninga, Sue Jett Russler, Talia 
Beckman, Becky Covert 

The Judicial Board is a student-run 
\dy made up of students and faculty 
embers, who are responsible for 
•holding the honor code of Saint 
iry's. The honor system plays an im- 
rtant part in all the girl's lives at 
int Mary's. The Judicial Board mem- 
rs play an integral part in this pro- 
,5S, making the Saint Mary's corn- 
unity a place that we are proud to live 


unding: Dr. Johnson, Gloria Taft, 
;ithryn Oyler, Polly Yeargan, Tisha 
'.rroll, Elizabeth Denning, Donna 
D ng, Dr. Happer, sitting: Annie dial- 
ers, Elizabeth Williamson, Janet 
' ythress, Stephanie Best 

The Judicial Board 


The Budgeting Committee 

The purpose of this committee is to 
manage the portion of the student funds 
designated by the SG A for the use of clubs 
to sponsor activities which will serve the 
entire student body and better the com- 
munity of Saint Mary's College. The rep- 
resentatives on this committee are: the 
SGA Secretary-Treasurer as Chairman, 
the twelve grade class Secretary-Trea- 
surer as Vice-Chairman, three high school 
students, and five college students. 

Standing: Ashley Edmonds, Gina Hamill, Lea Ann 
Boykin, Jennifer Misenheimer, sitting: Meg Boette, 
Donna King, Martha Benbow, Elizabeth Gillam, not 
pictured: Sloan Dupree 

Legislative Body 

Being a member of the Saint Mary's College community means being respon- 
sible for our own actions. Probably one of the most valuable lessons to be 
learned here is that of cooperation; everyone pulls together to ensure that we 
maintain our precious heritage of self-government. The Legislative Body pro- 
tects this right and responsibility which we all share. 


Chapel Marshals 

The Chapel Marshals are high school 
liors who are elected by the high 
tool student body. A Marshal's job is 
iencourage respect, participation, 
isideration, and attendance at all 
ipel services. It is the responsibility 
the Marshals to collect chapel cards, 
id out bulletins, enforce conduct 
1 to seat and dismiss the congrega- 
n. This year the Chapel Marshals had 
show their leadership skills during 
aplain Watrous's absence in the 
ling semester. They had to show the 
•erim chaplain the ropes until she was 
Infortable with the service at Saint 

ick row: Tudi Martin, Ashley 
/ompson, Marta Johnston, Chrissy 
iffin, front row: Cynthia Young- 
>od, Kathryn Johnson, Amy Wil- 
ms, Stephanie Best, not pictured: 
inifer Simpson 

The Vestry is a group of college and 
high school students elected annually by 
their peers to work with the Chaplain in 
overseeing and implementing the Chapel 
program. As an Episcopal Church, we 
follow this pattern with a few adaptations 
for our setting. The Vestry is a hard- 
working and fun loving group who make 
a great contribution to the spirit of Saint 

Back row: Erica Jones, Beth Sherrill, 
Ellen Zimmerman, Charlotte Bikle, Anne 
Goldman, middle row: Aimee White, 
Camilla May, Meg Tuttle, Shannon Hol- 
brook, Elizabeth Denning, front row: 
Robin Bonnoit, Anne Glenn, Penny 
Thompson, Kyle Underwood, Ann 
Maury Smith, Lisa Furukawa 

e Vestry 


College Marshals 

The Marshals are elected by the < 
dent body from the rising coil«[( 
sophomore class and assume thil 
duties on the third Sunday before cci 
mencement. The Chief Marshal dr* 
the handkerchief at the end of the Gil 
mencement exercises, officially end | 
the school year. They usher at conceij 
serve at various school functions, 
maintain order at all student bclj 

Margaret Bridget-. Parker Dawson, Leiitia Jacobs, Heather Scoggins, Marietta Steck, Rosemary Mcllhenny 

Day Students 

.Day students supposedly go home at 
ight, but as we all know, they are here 
ilot! — for club walks, using the li- 
brary, or just visiting with the 
;>arders. Day students often help the 
Darders to feel at home in Raleigh. It's 
>t at all unusual for day students to 
,end the night on campus, whether 
:cause of snow or just for fun. One of 
e most popular functions of the year 
as sponsored by the day students — 
e Sweetheart Dance. Day students are 
i important part of Saint Mary's! 




i' : 



r i 


Back: Natalie McLean, Katherine Gregory, Sarah Washburn, Tudi Martin, Amy Hobbs, Adriane Dickerson, Julie 
Musgrave, Elbe Jarman, Nina Cavallero, Ashley Ray, Nicole Jurovics, middle: Penny Thompson, Polly Yeargan, 
Jenny Schmidt, Caitlin Brady, Susan Stone, Lauren Blaney, Sloan Dupree, Kristin Trammell, front: Susan Whitt, 
Michelle Faire, Jodie King, Shannon Jones, Allison Poe, Holli Donnell 

Phi Theta Kappa 


left: Gina Hamill and Tressa 
Haynes; above, Keely Simerville 

Members of Phi Theta Kappa could be identified at graduation by their gold stoles 

The Chi Beta Chapter of Phi Th 
Kappa recognizes outstanding a 
demic achievement in the College 
partment. "A student shall be of g( 
moral character, shall possess reci 
nized qualities of citizenship, and sr 
have established academic excellei 
as judged by the faculty," in order to 
eligible for membership into this cl 
College freshman must have receive 
3.5 average for the first semester ; 
College sophomores must have a 3 
overall average. 

1st row, left to right: Keely Simervilie, Audrie Adams, Hunter Grogan, Kristy Lawson, Dawn Covington, Jenny 
Hunter; 2nd row, Anna Taylor, Sarah Smith, Geni Wade, Kristin Gardner, Elizabeth Denning, Gillian Troy, Sandy 
Fincher, Charlotte Sears, Roger Lee (advisor) 

The Sociedad Honoraria 


jThe Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Chap- 

jr of The Spanish Honor Society was 

(■gun at Saint Mary's on November 20, 

>87. The purpose of this organization 

to recognize high achievement in 

>anish among high school students 

id to promote an interest in Hispanic 

udies. Candidates must have main- 

ined an honor average in the study of 

[>anish for a minimum of three semes- 

rs. Members of the society are eligible 

>r many scholarships. The Saint 

ary's Chapter has their induction ser- 

ce in the spring semester. 

ack row: Penny Thompson, Sloan 
upree, Chrissy Griffin, Ashley Ray, 
'ont row: Allison Poe, Mrs. Hillman, 
olli Donnell 

The High School Honor Society's pur- 
pose is "to recognize and encourage schol- 
arship and to promote those qualities of 
character of the best in Saint Mary's his- 
tory. The society is composed of both 
eleventh and twelfth graders. Eleventh 
graders must have a 3.75 G.P.A. or better 
on one semester's work and twelfth 
graders need a 3.5 cumulative G.P.A. on 
two or more semesters of work. The in- 
ductions occur in the late spring and 
again in the beginning of the fall semes- 

Back row: Kathryn Johnson, Sloan 
Dupree, Jenny Schmidt, Ashley Ray, 
LeAnne Honeycutt, Marta Johnston, 
Penny Thompson, Carolyn Foy, Tiffany 
Cashwell, middle row: Polly Yeargan, 
Caitlin Brady, Allison Poe, Holli Donnell, 
Ashley Edmonds, Ann Maury Smith, 
front row: Camilla May, Miss-E Bender 

rligh School Honor Society 


The Saint Mary's Environment 
Club made some important contrib 
tions towards our awareness about tl 
global crisis we are currently facin 
Each person here had a chance to 
what she could to be environmental 
smart because SMEC encouraged il 
cycling. Making each girl aware th 
her habits and attitudes could make 
difference in the world was a goal ar 
an achievement of SMEC. 

Back row: Regina Williams, Elizabeth Gilla 
Audrie Adams, Summerson Houck, Sue Ji 
Russler, front row: Betsy Helton, Ali Karn, Ale 
Taylor, Sidney Coggins 


The food committee is a club that 
serves as a liason between the students 
and the dining services. Two repre- 
sentatives from each class are chosen by 
their classmates and two members are 
chosen at large. The committee plans 
activities and events, decorates for holi- 
days and special occasions and voices 
nutritional concerns and needs of the 
student body. 

Standing: Britney Gallimore, Michelle Smith, Darby Durand, Cortney Harwood, Alexa Taylor, Stacy Dolan, sitting: Miss-E Bender, Chris Easley, Kerrie Strickler, A"'. 


Back row: Tina Williams, Jessica Terr, middle: 
Sidney Coggins, front: Hollie Coward 

{Applause, Inc., is the school dramatic 
ib. It is open to everyone at Saint 
ary's interested in the theater. Its ■ 
Embers present two major produc- 
es, one in the fall and one in the 

landing: Martha Benbow, Nina 
ivallaro, Lindsay Luxton, Meg 
iette, Kneeling: Jessica Terr, Tina 
illiams, sitting: Hollie Coward, 
iney Coggins, not pictured: Jennifer 
all, Elizabeth Green, Webster 
•imes, Tressa Haynes, Casey Caudill, 
1 Grahek 

Applause Inc 


Atlas Club 

Back row: Georgette Campbell, Naomi Vrai 
Yumi Ohkita, Chiga Miyago, Katu Patel, midc 
row: Kanae Ikemiya, Mary Jo Salazar, Michi 
Ogawa, Yuko Matsuyama, front row: Catheri 
O'Brian, Ricko Inoue 

Atlas is composed of the forei; 
students at SMC, and its main goal is 
promote unity between the foreign ai 
American students. Educating thei 
selves and the rest of the student bo 
about different cultures and formii 
lasting friendships are natural b 
products of their association. 

Under the direction of Emmett 
Windham, the SMC chorale performs 
throughout the year. Two of their most 
important engagements during the 1990- 
1991 season were Part I of Handel's Mes- 
s/ah and a blend of classical and senti- 
mental favorites for Spring Fest. The girls 
in chorale practice hard to achieve the 
high level of excellence which marks their 




he Stagecoach staff, led by co-editors Keely Simerville and 
:nnifer Hall, decided that this year's theme would be "Once 
pon a Time . . ." That decision set the tone for a fast-paced 
;ar of taking pictures, doing layouts, and writing appropriate 
)py. In years to come, The Stagecoach staff will look at this 
)lume and remember hard work, deadlines, and creative solu- 
ons — but it is hoped that the students will look at it and re- 
ember 1991. 

Back row: Anne Glenn, Marietta Steck, Ashley Wardell, Gloria Taft, middle row: 
Jennifer Misenheimer, Kendra Dillingham, Marta Johnston, front row: Camilla May, 
Regina Williams 


• 1 



■ i 


" T 1 


. 1 

t 1 

TR* . 


Y . 





■ ■ ■ 


; ■ • ■ : • ■ 


■ ft. """ * •' 







The Muse is the literary magazine f 
Saint Mary's College. Entries are sele- 
ed for inclusion on a competitive baa 
This year's judges were Betty Adcot, 
Tom Hawkins, and Margot Richtj 
and winners were Lynn Beard, Ashlf 
Griffin, Lucas James, Kristy Lawsc, 
Marti Millner, and Lisa Sedlak. Li 
Gorman, Meredith Howard, Kris|( 
Lawson, Yumi Ohkita, Kathens 
Scholl, and Naomi Urano receivl 
Honorable Mentions. In addition • 
featuring the best of student art aJ 
writing, the Muse sponsors a Hallowet 
poetry reading and Muse Week in t* 
spring. G.C. Hendricks, Laurel Goll 
man, Sam Ragan, and Shirley Mooii! 
shared selections of their work with V 
appreciative audience of Saint Mart 
and community participants. 199- 
1991 Muse President was Kristy La- 
son, and Mrs. Anna Wooten-Hawkii 
was advisor. 

Back Row: Webster Grimes. Christina Hamlin, Lisa Gorman, Lucus James, Kristy Lawson, Front Row: Ellen 
Zimmerman, Meg Tuttle, Rosalind Wood 




'The Belles focused on campus events 
>ch as the Indecision concert and 

gluing O'the Grove, as well as on 
<ch important world affairs as the war. 

was a year dominated in one way or 
'other by the Persian Gulf crisis, and 
je newspaper served as a forum for 
'ldent opinion about it. In March, the 
1 iffs of The Belles and The Stagecoach en- 
Ved a tour of The News and Observer. 

Back row: Jenny Schmidt, Amy Augistine, Kim Goines, Elisabeth Holscher, Katherine Scholl, front row: Cary 
Hodges, Carolyn Bullock, Alison Nanninga (Editor), Elizabeth Denning 




Students for the Ethical Treatm«( 
of Animals was formed in 1990 f 
Jenny Schmidt and Charlotte Seal, 
Students for the Ethical Treatment^ 
Animals (SETA) is an organization (.Im- 
itated to educating people on aniril 
abuse. This year SETA has cooperaid 
with NCSU's SETA, Broughton Hij 
School's SETA, and The Culture ad 
Animal Foundation of North Carolj 
to sponsor a Compassionate Living FJ 
held in October. SETA at Saint Ma 
has also given a stray cat from 
campus a true home and organized! 
Animal Awareness Week (March I 
15) to further inform others of the ntd 
for animal awareness. 

1 <l 

Standing: Susan Inabinet, Lynn Bea 
Kristy Lawson, Anne Ratliffe, sittii 
Charlotte Sears, Jenny Schmidt, Lii 
say I.uxton, Megan Channell 

Back row: Martha Benbow, Jennifer Boleman, Anna 
Clay McAdams, Beth Ford, Charlotte Chriswell, 
Lara Eppert, middle row: Nicole Baer, Christina 
Vocalan, Nancy Corcoran, Lisa Furukawa, Ann 
Ratliffe, Jessica Terr, front row: Lindsay Luxton, 
Julie Musgrave 

Fine Arts Club 


The Admisses is a group of girls who act 
as tour guides for Saint Mary's. These girls 
provide the necessary link of enthusiasm 
and warmth between the perspective 
students and the student body. The avail- 
ability of these tour guides allows per- 
spective applicants a glimpse of life at 
Saint Mary's. Thanks to the Admisses 
Saint Mary's can attract many wonderful 

Back: Kim Pressley, Alison Partridge, Debbie Gold- 
stone, front: Leah McCotter, Jennifer Boleman, and 
Michelle Smith 

The Photography Club is one of the 
:west clubs at Saint Mary's. It was 
larted in the fall of 1988 by Dr. 
kthimer who presides as the club 
ilvisor. The club sponsors a photog- 
f.phy contest held in the spring. The 
West is open to students as well as f ac- 
ty and the winning photos are dis- 
ayed in the library. The photography 
Hub takes many outings each year to 
isit such places as the Robert Mapple- 
lorpe exhibit in Durham. The photog- 
phy Club is open to all Saint Mary's 


Photography Club 




Standing: Julie Musgrave, Lisa Furukawa, Allison Partridge, Martha Benbow, Lindsay Luxton, sitting: Dena Pitt- 
man, Hollie Coward, Jennifer Boleman, Michelle Smith 


Students Against Drunk Driving it 
service organization whose purpose! 
to encourage responsible drinkil 
habits. Drinking alcohol and drivij 
an automobile do not mix. The ell 
sent delegates to the North Carol il 
Drug and Alcohol Awareness Conff 
ence-Decision '90. They have also po 
ed fliers warning of dangerous driri 
ing habits. They were responsible ft 
the Rape Awareness posters and re 
video about Rape used in hall p* 
grams. The club sponsored two Mocfr 
tail Parties — one of which was 1 
Spring Fling. During the H.S. Proi 
SADD organized a designated driir 
program which offered a safe ri* 
home to all prom goers. 

The club was made up of both Hit 
School and College students. This co* 
bination provided support for both te 
High School and College. High Schol 
President was Jennifer Boleman ajl 
the College President was Hollie Cafe 

Cold Cuts 

!The Cold Cuts is a college sophomore 
Jashtub band. At the end of each year 
( e preceeding members pick seven 
jsrls to carry on the Cold Cuts tradi- 
jn. These seven girls are referred to as 
,e "Original Seven." New members 
je inducted during the year. The Cold 
Ms play instruments from the tradi- 
>nal bongos, sticks, maracas to the 
^eese grater, mops, and flower pot. 
Jich year they wear bright colored 
derails and shirts. They perform for 
ffic events, school and many Saint 
jary's events. The Cold Cuts is a long 
^nding tradition at Saint Mary's. 

,ont row: Casey Caudill, Catherine 
, ssiter, Leila Sutherlin, Katherine 

illiam, Lee Johnanson, back row: 

eather Clark, Suzanne Nordan, Eliza- 
Jth Williamson, Michele Reason, 
i'*cky Covert, Gina Hamill, Kerrie 
I rickler, in tree: Meg Boette, Claire 

jrman, Sarah Lamm, Kristin Gard- 
Jfe, Kim Goines, Geni Wade, Virginia 
"Mrp, Audrie Adams, Carolyn Bul- 
I'k, Heather Scoggins, not pictured: 

iy Crummie 



One club in the high school at Sta 
Mary's is the Spiders. It was startecji 
1972 and is made up of twelfth grai r 
and one college sophomore whci 
known as "Madam Spider." This is <l 
of the many secret clubs on the Seo 
Mary's campus. Only those chosen tc» 
in the Spiders actually know wha 
means to be a Spider. One job of ) 
Spiders is to promote school spirilit 
the high school. Spiders do several i 
tivities throughout the course of i 
year. One activity done by the Spicf 
this year was to take the Govera 
Moorehead children trick or treaty 
in Halloween. 

Back row: Mary Walker, Suni Ebs 
Polly Yeargan, Jennifer Thomas, Lejl 
Easton, Susan Spivey, Ann Mail> 
Smith, Front row: Jenny Schmidt, M 
son Nanninga, Jan Heath, Ai; 
Williams, not pictured: Anne Ball« 
tine, Valerie Crew, Leigh Ann Stril 
land, Radford Perry, Charloti 
Chiswell, Jessica Terr, Eden Kane, Ln 

Silent S is a secret club at Saint Mary's. 
The walks, and members are also a secret 
until the day after a walk. On this day the 
new members wear all red and a red rib- 
bon on their wrists. Silent S is changing 
every year so look out! 

Back row: Alison Nanninga, Summerson 
Houck, Parker Dawson, Virginia Sharp, 
Claire Norman, Kay Crummie, middle 
row: Lisa Svendsgaard, Catherine Lassi- 
ter, Anne Goldman, Sue Jett Russler, Sara 
Beth Brooks, Audrie Adams, sitting: Elis- 
abeth Holscher, Suzanne Nordan, not pic- 
tured: Tressa Haynes, Alison Bates 

Silent S 


Serenitas Veritas 

Serenitas Veritas is a secret organization of 
sophomores dedicated to promoting a spirit of 
love and concern in the Saint Mary's com- 
munity. Throughout the year we remain an- 
onymous because it is the giving and not the 
receiving which we emphasize. 

"For kindness is indeed sublime and worth 
the trouble anytime. Sincerity is all we need to 
help us do a friendly deed." 

Medical Minds was formed in 1989-90 as a 
support group for the chronically ill and has 
evolved into a group promoting Health Aware- 
ness. The club is the brain-child of Regina 
Williams, who was the first and is the present 
president. Regina is vitally interested since she 
has been a diabetic for 4 years. All students are 
urged to join regardless of the presence of a 
chronic illness; either in themselves or mem- 
bers of their families. Some of the programs and 
projects undertaken by the club are: choles- 
terol screening, visits to Children Surgical Care 
at Duke, Breast Cancer display in Library, a 
Health Month with programs on Depression, 
Date Rape, Massage, Nutrition, Health Re- 
lationships, and Halloween treats. 

— Advisor, Bonnie M. Clark, Rn. 

Standing: Maria Johnston, Caitlin Brady, Camilla May, 
Allison Partridge, sitting: Annie Chalmers, Radford Perry, 
Regina Williams 

Medical Minds 


The Letter Club 1990-199 


The Letter Club is a club whose 
bers are those who letter in a spct 
Saint Mary's. This service club's . 
project is the "fun run" held on cai| 
for both runners and walkers. ( 
money raised from this event gol 
buy a gift for the school. The club > I 
spring also assists with the Govtp 
Morehead Special Olympics. A I 
quet is held in the spring, honorirj 
the teams and athletes. 

Back row: Elizabeth Williamson, <l 
Easley, Anne Finley, Audrie Aci 
Claire Norman, Janet Poythress, i 
Maury Smith, middle row: Ami 
bertson, Allison Poe, Marta Johr 
Linnell Vaughan, Geni Wade, CI 
Griffin, Stacy Dolan, Polly Yea 
front row: Miss E. Bender, Ca 
May, Missy Fogg, Mary Jo Salaza: 
pictured: Robin Bullard, Bridget 
ler, Jenny Caine, Holli Donnell, 
Virginia Green, Cary Hodges, C 
James, Julia Lynn, Michiko Og 
Lisa Svendgaard, Jennifer Tho 
Tudi Martin, Julie Hamilton, Mar 
Bridger, Brooke Jaeger, Ali I 
Cassie Walsh, Elizabeth Aiken, 
James, Erica Jones, Mary Walker 


The Order of the Saints is an honorary 
athletic society. Members were selected at 
the beginning of the school year based on 
their participation, leadership, and 
sportsmanship in athletic events. The 
Saints is a new club formed this year to 
lead the Sigma-Mu program. Their pur- 
pose is to encourage participation and 
serve as leaders in the Sigma-Mu events. 
The Saint's goal for this year was to get 
each and every student involved in some 
way in the Sigma-Mu program. 

Standing: Polly Yeargan, Amy Albertson, 
Kathryn Johnson, Julie Hamilton, Marta 
Johnston, Anne Finley, Holli Donnell, 
Chris Easley, Janet Poythress, Claire Nor- 
man, middle row: Mary Walker, Susan In- 
abinet, Jennie Minges, Ali Karn, Allison 
Poe, Chrissy Griffin, Stacy Dolan, Eliza- 
beth Aiken, front row: Jennifer Hall, 
Mary Jo Salazar, Miss E. Bender, Camilla 
May, Missy Fogg, not pictured: Jenny 
Caine, Ashley Hamilton, Tudi Martin, 
Jessica Terr, Lucas James, Erica Jones, 
Julie Lynn, Linnell Vaughan, Robin 
Bullard, Cassie Walsh, Brooke Jaeger, 
Margaret Bridger, Mary Virginia Greene 

The Order of the Saints 


Granddaughters Club 

fjl The Granddaughters Club consists of students 
pho are direct descendants of Saint Mary's 
jilumnae, including their mothers, grand- 
mothers, and great-grandmothers (of all de- 
;rees). The club was established in 1909 by Kate 
vfcKimmon, teacher, secretary and treasurer of 
he Alumnae Association and herself an alumna 
£ Saint Mary's. The first club had 33 members: 
.1 granddaughters, 27 daughters and five stu- 
'.ents who were the third generation of Saint 

The purpose of the club is to keep a close kin- 
hip with the Alumnae Association, to continue 
he traditions of the college, and to build new 
nes, to promote school spirit, and to form a nu- 
leus of students that will later develop into pro- 
icient service in the Alumnae Association. The 
lub's mascot and chief cheerleader is the Ghost 
f Aldert Smedes, founder of Saint Mary's in 
842, who roams the halls and lives in the attic of 

Granddaughters Club members, who call 
hemselves Ghostbusters, and the Ghost, walk 
very fall to tap new members. Ghostbusters send 
lalloween treats to the student body, are in 
'harge of the luminaries for the Lighting 'o the 
rrove, help with the party given each year to the 
raduating college class, and present a chapel ser- 
as well as other community projects 

Vroughout the year. 

ckrow: Katharine Hubbard, Ann Ratliffe, Ginna Basinger, Sue Jett Russler, Alix Edmondson, Cecelia Welton, Ann Maury Smith, Jen Barton, standing: Rosemary 
:Ilhenny, Gloria Taft, Michelle Smith, Hunter Grogan, Lisa Furukawa, Julia Lawing, Lee Johanson, Claire Norman, Elizabeth Paxton, Carey Willey, Marta Johnston, 
rginia Sharp, Katherine Edmondson, Gray Williams, Suzanne Nordan, Katherine Gregory, sitting: Carlyn Foy, Audrie Adams, Lynn Beard, Letitia Jacobs, Marietta 
ock, Geni Wade, Parker Dawson, Elizabeth Van Dyke, Janet Poythress, Jennifer Williams, front row: Leah McCotter, Cortney Harwood, Charlotte Bikle, Rosy Sloan, 
therine Pulliam, Camilla May, Weldon Jackson, not pictured: Syd Abarta, Elizabeth Aiken, Chap Andrew, Alison Bates, Taylor Brewer, Sloan Bndgcr, Nancy 
rcoran, Holli Donnell, Webster Grimes, Louise Harris, Tressa Haynes, Lucas James, Teressa Mann, Tudi Martin, Catherine O'Brien, Dow Perry, Radford Perry, Mary 
chard Shapard, Sarah Smith, Andra Taylor, Beth Wray 

High school Tennis Team 

The high school tennis team hst 
victorious 1990-91 season. Practical 
everyday for long hours drove therl 
the State Tournament in Winsri 
Salem. All of their hard work paid)' 
when the team finished third in h 

Back row: Melissa Inscoe, Emily Feulner, Alix Edmondson, Amy Albertson, Mary Lou Jones, middle row: Jennifer 
Williams, Anne Glenn, Leah McCotter, front row: Jane Singleton, Carey Willey, not pictured: Allison Little, Jenni- 
fer Thomas, Cassie Walsh, Stephanie Dickens 


The College Tennis Team 




Upper left: Kerrie Strickler and Anne Goldman keep team player Chris Easley 
company while she anxiously awaits her singles match. Left: Melissa Scott and 
Letitia Jacobs cheer on the team while Cortney Harwood takes a second to give us a 
smile between matches. Above: Robin Bullard shows us her KILLER serve! 

'The College Tennis Team worked 

:ry hard this spring to have a success- 
, J season. With the leadership of the 
jiptain and Mary Lou Jones, the coach, 
I le team was able to put its best foot 
i>rward. The team had fourteen 
i atches; seven were at home and seven 
t ere away games. The State Tourna- 

ent was at Salem Academy in Winston 


Back row: Linnell Vaughan, Robin Bullard, Anne Goldman, Brooke Jaeger, Mary Lou Jones, middle row: Cortney 
Harwood, Anne Finley, Chris Easley, Betsy Helton, front row: Margaret Bridger, Sherridan Starr. Carrie Kitchen 


Gillie Callum 

The Gillie Callum dancers perfo 
the traditional dances of Scotland. , 
companied by bagpipe music, they p 
form on and off campus throughout 
year, but the highlight of their seaso 
their performance at Spring Coi 
Workshops and tryouts are held at 
beginning of each semester. 

Back row: Ellie Jarman, Nina Cavallaro, Caitlin Brady, Ellen Zimmerman, front row: Carolyn Bullock, Penny 
Thompson, Carney McDonald, Shannon Jones 


Sea Saints 

ea Saints, the synchronized 
mming group, presents fall and 
ing shows. Tryouts are held at the 
inning of each semester. Members 
•n choreography while performing 
:er ballet. 

Back row: Misti Thomsu, Kim Goines, Lee Johanson, Katherine Hair. Nancy Corcoran, Martha Ratzlaff, Kendra 
Dillingham, front row: Kerrie Shinn, Paige Gould, Marlea Fulenwider, Debbie Goldstone. Allison Bates, Lisa 
Svendsgaard, Ms. Duncan 



Orchesis is a modern dance clulat 
Saint Mary's. They perform on parens 
day in October, and concentrate dung 
second semester on their Spring cn- 
cert. When Orchesis is not working iia 
piece, they have technique class anci 
some improv movements to help ch'«- 
ograph for their upcoming perfou- 

Back row: Charlotte Chiswell, Jenny Schmidt, April Browne, Wendy Hess, Adria Altemus, middle row: Elissa 
Thomson, Lindsay Luxton, Ashley Ray, Ashley Brewer, front row: Sue Jett Russler, Jenny Hunter 



Back row: Gina Hamill, Sherridan Starr, Carolyn Bullock, Grace Jones, Karla Waters, Ashley Griffin, Sloan Brid- 
ger, middle row: Kerrie Stickler, Sue Jett Russler, Charlotte Bikle, Tina Williams, Jenny Dunstan, Katherine 
Scholl, front row: Caroline Mountcastle, Lisa Martin 



The WATS are a group who consis 
of sophomore girls promoting schoc 
spirit from cheers before club walk 
and assemblies to singing Christma 
carols dorm to dorm. The WATS goal i 
to promote a strong bond of spin' 
within the school. 

Back row: Kathryn Oyler, Margaret Bridger, Lecitia Jacobs. Marietta Steck, Brook Jaeger, middle row: Bridget 
Butler, Liz Norfleet, Mandy Poole, Sara Beth Brooks, front row: Talia Beckman, Ginny James, Elizabeth Holmes, 
not pictured: Mary Virginia Green, Tressa Haynes, Sue Jett Russler, Karla Waters, Beth Wray, Amy Bolin, Martha 
Ratscliff, Angel Jarrel 


^^r '«a 






1 •* * 1 


^ MAPS is a college social club, which 
j consist of college sophomores. MAPS 
t walks several times during the year to 
j pick new members. MAPS promotes 

school spirit and unity on Saint Mary's 


Back row: Sarah Lamm, Janet Poythress, Claire Norman, Kerrie Strickler, Gary Hodges, Margaret Bridger, middle 
row: Ginny James, Rosemary Mcllhenny, Heather Clark, Beth Wray, Elizabeth Holmes, front: Sue Jett Russler, 
Talia Beckman, Kim Goines, Michelle Kicidis 



B.A.C.S. is an all freshman cli 
whose purpose is to bond and connct 
the girls in Holt, Smedes and Cru:j 
shank dorms. They consist of six off 
cers. The president is Elizabeth Aikcl 
vice president is Cecelia Welton, tni 
surer is Elizabeth Paxton, and the onl 
inal members are Allie Swindell a! 
Mills McKeekin. They hope to hae 
many activities which can unite te 
freshman class into one. 

From Back Row: Cortney Harwood, Weldon Jackson, Julie Hamilton, Elizabeth Daniel, De- 
mce Nasekos, Michelle McLaughlin, Allie Swindell, Elizabeth Aiken, Mills McMeekin, 
Jennifer Misenheimer, Elizabeth Paxton, Cecelia Welton 


' Undatettes is a high school social 
'lub which promotes social activities 

rid school spirit. Undatettes is also 
/art of the Adopt- A-Highway Program 

rid sponsors the Carnation Connec- 
; on. Undatettes Strut On! 

From Back Row: Ashley Edmonds, Carolyn Foy, Tudi Martin, Lauren Counts, Ashley 
Wardell, Mary Jo Salazar, Susan Inabinet, Ashley Thompson, Kristen Trammel, Sarah Wash- 
burn, Sloan Dupree, Casey Walsh, Anna Clay McAdams 

The Order of the Circle 

Parker Dawson — President 

Elizabeth Williamson — Vice President 

Jade Brannock — Secretary/Treasurer 

Elizabeth Van Dyke — Original Member 

Lisa Svendsgaard — Original Member 

{Catherine Pulliam 

Kim Goines 

Tina Williams 

Ashley Griffin 

Marietta Steck 

Rosemary Mcllhenny 

Kerrie Strickler 

Elizabeth Denning 

Louise Harris 

Elizabeth Green 

Beth Ford 

Gillian Troy 


Wm THRU) i / i T 

li 1 


■ i 


i Beacon is the high school organiza- 
lon, and as such represents one of the 
ighest honors a Saint Mary's girl can 
ttain. The purpose is synonymous 
ith its name, that is, to be a shining ex- 
fiiple of all that is good about Saint 
[ary's and to embody the school's 
oirit and values. Beacon members also 
rive to encourage all members of the 
lint Mary's community to involve 
lemselves in the school, and to feel a 
enuine love for and devotion to Saint 

From Back Row: Gracen Glenn, Jennifer Soteres, Marta Johnston, Penny Thompson, Steph- 
anie Best, Maria Jose Salazar, Ashley Ray, Ashley Edmonds, Sloan Dupree, Kathryn Johnson, 
Allison Poe, Cynthia Youngblood, Chrissy Griffin 


\ r 

S.H.A.R.E. consists of 12th grad< 
The purpose of this club is to prom 
school spirit for all clubs, activities a| 
athletics, especially in the high schl 
department. S.H.A.R.E. has world 
with the remodeling of the new houl 
they also sponsored the "Walk-* 

Back row: Darby Durand, Chrissy Griffin, Paige Gould, Shannon Jones, Cicely Osborne, middle row: Carolyn Foy, 
Ashley Ray, Kathryn Johnson, Holli Donnell, Marta Johnson, front row: Jennifer Simpson, Caitlin Brady Carey 



The Scoop group is the only club on cam- 
pus that consists of both high school and col- 
lege members. The meaning of the club is 
secret but the purpose is to create excitement 
among all the clubs. The Scoop group is 
never at a loss for words. 

mbers: Charlotte Bikle — President, Ann Maury Smith — Vice President, Cassie Walsh — Sec/Treas., Elisabeth Holscher, Rosemary Mcllhenny, Bridget Butler, Lisa 
ndsguard, Elizabeth Van Dyke, Marietta Steck, Grace Stephens, Margaret Bridger, Anne Goldman, Danne Delano, Traci Seeley, Suzanne Wayne, Gillian Troy, 
'?e Smith, Johanna Deans, Robin Bullard, Shayla Kirchin, Justin Shuford, Christine Walker, Barbara Shackleford, Ardis Burford, Gray Williams, Amy Duvall, Amy 
liiams, Ali Karn, Holli Donnell, Anne Ballentine, Allison Poe, Elizabeth Gillam, Lara Eppert, Shannon Jones, Oneaka Mack, Gloria Taft, Anne Glenn. Tiffany 
phwell, Gracen Glenn ^45 

The Order o 

The Order of Saint Genesius is the honorary 
society of the drama department. Its members 
have made contributions in at least two major 
productions at Saint Mary's College. The 
members must also have a general love, re- 
spect and understanding for the theatre. 

This year Saint Genesius inducted Somer 
Cooper as an honorary member. She has been 
involved in at least three major Saint Mary's 
productions. Somer, age 13, is not a Saint 
Mary's student. She would like to go to Saint 
Mary's one day, in which case she would auto- 
matically be a Saint Genesius member. 

In addition to contributing their talent in 
"Little Women," our spring production, Saint 
Genesius members also organized Saint Mary's 
Lip Sync contest. The Lip Sync was so success- 
ful that the judges, Faye Fussell, Carolyn 
Hicks, Dr. Guilmart, and Dr. Esthimer, asked 
the winners and a few other participants to 
perform for Father/Daughter Weekend, and 
they did. 

The Order of Saint Genesius is named after 
the patron saint of the theatre, Saint Genesius. 
This organization has been active in the Saint 
Mary's Community for approximately forty 

The girls in "Little Women" practice their lines to perfection. 

Left: Jennifer Hall and Cassie Caudill read their lines over and over* 
the play. 

Below: Tressa Haynes and Meg Boette. stage managers, critique tht 


Practice Make! 

Saint Genesius 



Muse Week 






1 1 : 







I ^i 


Under the direction of Mrs. Anna 
Wooten-Hawkins, Muse Week takes 
place in early January and is one of the 
cultural highpoints here at SMC, in- 
volving, as it does, both students and 
the community. Sponsored by the Muse 
magazine, local writers of superior 
standing and achievement come to 
Saint Mary's, read from their works, 
and take questions from the audience. 
Informal interaction between the 
artists and their followers is encour- 
aged by the receptions which follow 
each reading. This year the Muse was 
proud to bring Sam Ragan, Shirley 
Moody (who taught classes in poetry 
writing in addition to reading), Pete 
Hendricks, and Laurel Goldman. 

Hi U9 



HI " 


^^^H Lf « ro 

** 1 

IN./ •*fxM 











Clockwise from above: Retirees Mrs. Mary Pearson, Dr. Giva Watson, 
Mr. John Tate; the college graduation processional. 






"If I were a poet, I'd write you a 

sonnet . . . 
But I am not a poet, and I think you 

know it. | 

But I don't need a present. 
All I need to do is look at you 
To show you how much I love you." 

Jim Henson's love of life arid of people rang out through the words of the songs he 
wrote. Filled with his spirit of wonder arid curiosity, Ernie and Kermit explored 
Sesame Street . . . and they linger there still in our childhood memories. 

"What you are is God's gift to you. 
What you become is your gift to God." 
We love you very much and are so 

proud of the person you are. 
Fred, Lillian, Musette, Mama, and Dad 


You have worked hard 
and we are very happy and 
proud of you, Love — 
Thanks, Mother and 


Follow your dreams wherever they may lead 
you, but remember the people along the way 
that have held your hand in good times and 
bad, for those are the true treasures in life. 
Never allow your goals and dreams to destroy 
the real you. Always be yourself and be good 
and honest and success will follow. All our 
love and pride go with you along life's way. 

Mom, Dad, Karen and Kelly 



Congratulations! We love you 
and we are so proud of you. 
Love, Dad and Mom 

Camilla, we are so proud 
of you, but my, how 
you've changed! 
Love, Mother and Daddy 

The years may change a lot of 
things. But never the love this 
message brings, and never the 
pride and happiness, too, that 
comes from having a daughter 
like you. 

Love, Dad and Mom 

Margaret Walters Boette 
We love you and are so 
proud of you! 
Mom, Rob, David, Jack 
and Cathy 


Love, faith, hope, charity, and truth 
will guide you throughout a happy 
and successful life. You are a true 
blessing in all our lives and we are so 
very proud of you. We love you very 

Mom, Scott, and Grandmother 


Congratulations, Audrie, 
our 4-year girl! We love 
you and wish all the best 
for your future. 
Love, Mom and Dad, 
Andy and Haynes 

To Stephanie, 
You have given us much joy and 
pride. As you "go down the road to 
see Martha," be proud of yourself 
and find joy in what you do. Re- 
member that our love and respect go 
with you and that we are always here 

for you. 

We uv u- 
Mama and Daddy 

Alisa King 

Daughters are a special joy. 

With much love, 
Congratulations, Leecie, remember 
there are no limits! 

I love you, 

Ali Karn 

Thank you for being such 
a warm, compassionate, and 
loving daughter. 

Love always, 
Mom and Dad 

Allison Poe 


To our Allison 

We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Jeanie, Boss, and 

^Ashley Wardell 

Ashley — 
I Congratulations . . . keep 
ismelling those flowers!!! 


Mom, Dad, Robert, 

* Schatzy and Frank — the Cat 

Kerri Shinn 



We love you very 


Mom, Dad, and Trey 

Christina Lovell 

I am so very proud of you. You 
tare a wonderful addition to 
( life; you are important! Re- 
elect your hopes and dreams, 
|«or others can learn from you. 
With much pride and love, 



Katherine Pulliam 
Congratulations, Katherine! We are 
so very proud of you. Thank you for 
the joy you bring to our lives. We 
Love You, Mom, Dad, Christian, 
David and Missy 

Cassie, We're so proud of 
you — lots of love and 
wishes for the future. 
Mom and Dad 

Emily Feulner 


What a treasure and pure de- 
you are. We are so proud of 


All our love always, 
Mom, Dad, and E.J. 

Kim Goines 

Congratulations! I'm so 

proud of you! 



You'll always be a 


Mom & Dad 

Virginia Sharp 
Virginia, you are so spe- 

We love you 
Mom and Daddy 

Alix Dyer 
"It is only with the heart 
That one can see rightly; 
What is essential 
is invisible to the eye" 

looking with your mind and your 

Mom & Dad 

Caroline Holt 
Congratulations to our 
Precious Caroline. You 
are and have always been a 


Mom & Dad 

May and Randall 

Angel Jarrell 

"Our Angel." You're #1 

Mom, Dad, and Jos 

Your love 
has been a 
through the 
Thank you 
for being 

that you are 


and continual 


With much pride 

and love, 

Mom, Dad, 
and Van 

Jennifer Thomas 
Just Jennifer 
Loving you forever 
Dad and Mom and all th 



i Elizabeth Farley Wray 

I Beth, 

'You are our sunshine! 

Mom and Dad 

Leigh Elizabeth Easton 
Congratulations to a real 


Mom, Paul, Sam, Et al 

Geni Wade 

"Schwing Schwing" 
Swing so high 


Reach the sky! 

We are so very proud of you! 

"M.O.M. & D.A.D. 

Keely Simerville 
to Keely 

If you can imagine it 
you can achieve it. 
If you can dream it 
you can become it. 

With love, 
Mom and Dad 

Elizabeth Grimes Van Dyke 
"Happiness is homemade." 
Thanks for giving us so much 
joy! "Wishing you a future that 
is bright as can be & as full of 
hope as your dreams." 
Love you — always 
Mom, Dad, & Chris 

Cameron Campbell 

Panache: A DASHING 
We love you very much 
and are SO PROUD OF 
Dad and Margot 

tKristy Lawson 

(Congratulations on a job 
fwell done! 

u Love, 

Mom and Dad 

Bill, Pete, and Corey 

Janet Poythress 
"Reach high and then 
climb high." 

Congratulations and 

much love, 

Mom and Dad 

Lara Eppert 


Golden Hair 

Swimming, gymnastics 

Set goals . . . STRIVE . . . achieve! 

Growing Lovely 

Growing Up! 


All our love, 
Daddy, Mother, Baba 

Ashley Griffin 
"Oops, there goes another 
rubber tree plant"! 
With much pride and 
Mom and Dad 

Cynthia Youngblood 

To have a daughter like you 
is to know a special kind of joy. 
Thank you for all the love, joy 
and pride you have brought 
into our lives. 

Mom and Dad 

Jennifer Stocks 

Jennifer, You have ac- 
complished many things 
and I am proud of you. 
Thanks for all the joy you 
bring to me. 

Love you, 

Alison Nanniga 
Alison, we love you 
so very much. XXX 
Mom and Dad. 

Anna Ferguson 
Congratulations! We are very 
proud of you and love you very 

Mom, Mary Susan and Heidi 

Amy Hardison 

You will always be our "Little 


With much pride and love. 

Mom, Dad, Josh, Jeremy, and 


Parker Dawson 
Hurrah Parker! 
Our wish for you — 
love in your heart 
peace in your soul 
joy in your life . . . 

a heartful of love, 
Momma, Daddy, 
Ashley, Brack 

Kim Goines 

Zoot — 

We are very 
proud of you and 
love you lots. May 
you have con- 
tinued success 
throughout your 

Dad, Deb, Peanut, 
Rascal and Barney 


Stacy Dolan 


You were cute then. Now 

you're "just right," and we're 

very proud of you! 

Mom and Dad i 

1 Dow Perry 

ij* What is a miracle? 

I To me walking along the beach 

Just as the sun comes up, 

J And seeing a seagull catch a fish, 

' Or watch waves crash and slowly disappear — 

1 I wonder where they go? 
i Dow Perry — 1 1 years old 

I Dow, 

II Don't every stop looking for miracles. 

Momma and Daddy 

Marta Johnston 

You have made us 
proud of you then and 
now. We look forward to 
the future. 

Mamma and Daddy 

Jennifer Hall 

You are terrific. We love the 

way you are! 

Mom and Dad 

Amy Williams 
To Amy: 

We are so proud of you. We wish 
for you a happy future and cherish 
the memories of all the good times 
we have had together. 

With love. 
Mom, Dad, and Doug 



You said it best . . . 

A goal 

can only be reached 

by trying 

by reaching 

by practice 

by hurting 

by time 

by being 

by becoming 

A goal 

can only be reached by believ- 


To bel 

ieve in yourself is to be a 



Ashley Edmonds 


Keepbelieving . . WI-: l.OVr.YOU! 


Dad, Mandi, Memaw, and 


Heather Clark 
Always Precious 
We're proud of you! 
Love, Mom and Dad 


inie Chalmers, 
\nnie with brother, 
Fishing for the future! 
May the future hold all 
that you wish for. 

With much loi 
Mom and D 


Katherine Adams Gregory, 


Mommy, Daddy and I are so proud 
of you and we love you very much . . . 

Kathryn Johnson 

Congratulations, Kathryn! We are 
proud of you and happy for you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, and Martin 

Thanks To: Mary Virginia Swai 
Margaret McGlohon 
Barbara Richards 

and especially to KATHRYN OYLER for the cover 

— Jennifer Hall and Keely Simerville 

1991 Stagecoach Co-editors 


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New Bern, NC 28562 

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Cary, NC 27511 


Eason, Amy J 

6232 Lake Trail Drive 

Fayetteville, NC 28304 

Hubbard, Katharine E 
907 Long Shore Drive 
SnowhiU, NC 28580 

Jones, Ashley E 
302 Hillcrest Drive 
Farmville, NC 27828 

Killeen, Mary E 
Route 2, Box 664 
State Road, NC 28676 

Kirchin, Shayla R 
806 Colonial Drive 
Burlington, NC 27215 

Overbeck, Sondra E 

POB 716, Two Marina Street 

Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480 

Sedlack, Lisa A 

Nutmeg Lane 

New Canaan, CT 06840 


Sherrill, Marian E 
401 Lake Boone Trail 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Snell, Amanda H 
2109 Royal Oaks Drive 
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6750 Olde Providence 
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7001 Poole Road, Lot 9 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

Campbell, Sarah 
303 Cashwell Drive 
Goldsboro, NC 27534 

Cheatham, Margaret S 
623 Dogwood Road 
Statesville, NC 28677 

Ferro, Jennifer 
7214 Baltusrol Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28210 

Grigg, Kathy 
2810 Wamath Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28210 

Hehn, Heather 

3207 Carpenter Hills Lpse 

Lacey, WA 98503 

Johnson, Jeana C 
3333 Hampton Road 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Loughlin, Catherine 
1407 Live Oak Parkway 
Wilmington, NC 28403 

Maroon, Michelle 
3110 Gin Lane 

Naples, Florida 33940 

Mc Intosh, Laura 
17020 Club Hill Drive 
Dallas, TX 75248 

Munford, Sarah M 
2100-D Sutton Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27605 

Noguchi, Chiaki 
31 Sawatari Ishimakicho 
Toyohashi-shi, Aichi 
Japan 441-11 

f 4104 Peakland Place 
U Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Simon, Deborah N 

3129 River Oak Turn #20 

Raleigh, NC 27613 

Smith, Judith A 
5000 Rea Road 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

Tai, Ching 

3312 Gatcombe Place 

Raleigh, NC 27604 

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2526 Dartmouth Drive 
Fayettteville, NC 28304 


Abarta, Mary S 
Post Office Box 516 
Sullivans Island, SC 29482 

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Post Office Box 1310 
Atlantic Beach, NC 28512 

Altemus, Adria L 
1407 Adams Street 
Wilsoa NC 27893 

Augustine, Amy G 

2534 South Edgewater Drive 

Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Baer, Nicole L 
219 Parkwood Drive 
Hagerstown, MD 21740 

Baker, Lea M 

3203 Sedg efield Road 

Statesville, NC 28677 

Boatright, Allison R 
7506 Park Vista Circle 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

Bolin, Amy A 
925 Windsor Road 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Boykin, Lea A 
Route 1, Box 458 
WiUard, NC 28478 

Braken, Susan A 
822 Fins Street 
Sanford, NC 27330 

Brewer, Ashley C 
728 Center Street 
Asheville, NC 28803 

Bullard, Robin W 
408 Forest Road 
Laurinburg, NC 28352 

Burford, Ardis L 
608Westham Woods Drive 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Burnish, Sara Elizabeth 

301 22nd PI, Pelican Drive, E. 

Long Beach, NC 28465 

Caine, Jennifer 
15 Colonial Drive 
Wilmington, NC 28403 

Campbell, Tracyi M 
Route 1, Box 291-A 
Dutton, AL 35744 

Carroll, Anne T 
122 Parkwood Drive 
Wilmington, NC 28403 

Cassaday, Jennifer L 
5026-B Edwards Mill Road 
Raleigh, NC 27612 
Chambers, Alice Anne 
2685 Glencroft Road 
Vienna, VA 22181 

Channel, Megen A 
Route 4, Box 603 
Murphy, NC 28906 

Clark, Lee Anna 
1527 Femcliff Road 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

Coggins, Sidney M 

61 12 Staffordshire Court 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Conners, Elizabeth M 
4609 Gramercy Court 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Covington, DawnW 
Columbo Am. Embassy 
Post Office Box 97200 
Washington, DC 20090-7200 

Culberson, Jennifer R 

3721 WilliamsboTough Court 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Danielle, Elizabeth B 
1307 Chauncey Drive 
Tarboro, NC 27886 

Davis, Erin M 

5026 Winthrop Drive 

Youngstown, OH 44515 

Dawbam, Blake L 
604-C5 Foxcroft Terrace 
Statesville, NC 28677 

Deans, Jo Anna P 
2103 Hermitage Road 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Denning, Elizabeth W 
1 500 Stoneridge Drive 
Sanford, NC 27330 

Duvall, Amy R 
1612 Biltmore Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28207 

Edmondson, Katharine H 
1212 Panola Street 
Tarboro, NC 27886 

Everette, Beth A 
Route 4, Boxl20-A 
Tarboro, NC 27886 

Ferrell, Kristen M 
502 Woodland Place 
Danville, KY 40422 

Fogg, Melissa L 
Route 7, Box 580 
Mocksville, NC 27028 

Ford, Mary Elizabeth 
Box 584 

Lawrenceville, VA 23868 

Futrelle, Angela P 
3640 Plantation Road 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

Gallimore, Britney D 
1406 Queen Anne Road 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Giammarco, Michelle R 
4328 Old Saybrook court 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

Goldstone, Debra A 
8966 Tarrytown Drive 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Green, Elizabeth O 
810 Palmetto Street 
Spartanburg, SC 29302 

Greene, Alicia C 
Post Office Box 267 
Fairmont, NC 28340 

Griffin, Meredith M 
2312 Ridge Road 
Raleigh,. NC 27612 

Hairston, Whitney C 
517 Oak Brook Drive 
Columbia, SC 29223 

Hamilton, Ashley R 

2609 Oakmmmmmeade Drive 

Charlotte, NC 28226 

Hamilton, Julie I 
4398 Hillock Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 


Hamlin, Christina K 
412 Hillandale Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Hanover, Rachel 
116 Tiercel Court 

Harris, Louise W 
Post Office Box 1206 
Oxford, NC 27565 , 

Harwood, Courtney B 

459 Atlanta Cntry Clb Drive 

Marietta, GA 30067 

Hassell, Melinda A 
Post Office Box 193 
Roper, NC 27970 

Helton, Elizabeth A 
2696 Lake Shore Drive 
Hillsdale, MI 49242 

Hill, Molly C 
1840 Nigel Court 
Vienna, VA 22182 

Holbrook, Shannon M 

2412 Rettrop Drive 

Mc Leansville, NC 27301 

Howard, Meredith A 
7912 Farmingwood Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Hunter, Jenny A 

2027 North Stafford Street 

Arlington, VA 22207 

Jackson, Mary W 
3341 Coleridge Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

James, Finley L 
108 Oakview Drive 
Darlington, SC 29532 

Jones, Ann M 

Oak Street, PO Box 265 

Jarratt, VA 23867 

Jurovics, Nicole R 
48826 Rembert Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Key, Elizabeth A 
5832 Newhall Road 
Durham, NC 27713 

Kitchin, Frances C 
711 Stanley Avenue 
Rockingham, NC 28379 

Knowles, Nicolee 
1511 Middle Road 
FayetteviUe, NC 28301 

Lambert, Eleanor M 
812 Rollingwood Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27410 

Lawing, Julia M 

1011 Wirewood Drive, APT 203 

Raleigh, NC 27605 

Legen, Jennifer A 
12720 Lindley Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27614 

Long, Brinley L 
Post Office Box 1535 
New Canaan, CT 06840 

Lutz, Tracy M 

2519 Lawton Bluff Road 

Charlotte, NC 28226 

Lynn, Julia E 
2212 Solmar Road 
Silver Springs, MD 20904 

Mackie, Alison E 
Post Office Box 672 
Wake Forest, NC 27588 

Matsuyama, Yuko 
2-35-1-1310 Minamirokugo 
Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan-144 

Mays, Katherine P 
2205 Surrey Place 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Mc Donald.Elizabeth C 
175 Rhododendron Drive 
Arden, NC 28704 

Mc Donald, Georgia L 
Route 2, Box 349 
Rockingham, Nc28379 

Mc Kay, Elizabeth H 

335 Chesterfield Street South 

Aiken, SC 29801 

Mc Laughlin, Michelle L 
595 Meadowglen Trail 
Roswell, GA 30075 

Mc Meekin, Mattie M 
4710 Portobello Drive 
Columbia, SC 299206 

Mc Ree, Kathryn C 
1616 Brandon Road 
Charlotte, NC 28207 

Misenheimer, Jennifer A 
6400 Burlwood Road 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

Monroe, Mitzi L 
342 Camelot Drive 
Salisbury, NC 28144 

Moore, Kim E 

304 N. Brunswick Avenue 

South HiU, VA 23970 

Morgan, Allison H 
5616 Calton Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Morris, Jennifer L 
Four Old Mill Court 
Columbia, SC 29206 

Morvan, Tracy Y 
2418 Valencia Terrace 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

Nasekos, Cheryl D 
2928 WiUowbrae Road 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

Nasseri, Shahrzad S 
100 Seapath Estates 
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480 

Noah, Michaux P 
803 Holt Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Norfleet, Elizabeth R 
640 Rock Creek Road 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Patel, Kalpanakumari M 
1403 South Wilmington Street 
Raleigh, NC 27603 

Paxton, Elizabeth B 
1113 Lakeside Drive 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Phillips, Sara S 
Nine Upton Court 
Greenville, NC 27858 

Pressley, Kimberly J 
301 Chadmore Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

Rainey, Susan S 
6737 Wheeler Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

Reeves, Ashley W 
Post Office Box 7 127 
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-0103 

Rose, Jennifer W 
10103-C Castile Court 
Richmond, VA 23233 

Rowland, Karen M 
1 1708 Ivywood Road 
Chester, V A 23831 

Sappenfield, Elizabeth D 
6700 Folger Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

Sears, Charlotte E 
Route 1, Box 163 
Scranton, NC 27875 

Seeley, Tracy C 
3509 Lubbock Drive 
Raleigh, NC27612 

Shackleford, Barbara A 

Box 698 

Hollandale, MS 38748 

Shuford, Justine J 

1660 Eighth Street Drive, NW 

Hickory, NC 28601 

Siew, Su-Pei 

D103 SEA Park Apts 

Jalan 21/13 

46300 Petaling Jaya 

Selangor, Malaysia 

Sloan, Rosamond L 
701 Westmont Drive 
Asheboro, NC 27203 

Smith, Huldah P 
2812 Wellington Drive 
Rocky Mount, NC 27803 

Smithwick, Heather L 
1525 Cloverdale Avenue 
Winston Salem, NC27104 

Solomon, Melanie L 
176 Ellerslie Drive 
FayetteviUe, NC 28303 

Starr, Wendy M 

3458 Turtle Cove Court 

Marietta, GA 30067 

Steele, Nicole R 
109 Scott Street 
Franklin, VA 23851 

Swindell, Jane A 
2712 Asbury Terrace 
Greensboro, NC 27408 





Adams, Audrie L. 
High Point, NC 27262 

Allied, Pamela 

1104 Mariner's Wacche 

Ocean Isle Beach, NC 28459 

Andrew, Chap 
1910 Lafayette Ave. 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

Ardis, Angel 
1255 Schaub Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

: Bames, Virginia A. 

1015 Cardinal Dr. 
■ Wilson, NC 27893 

Basinger, Virginia H. 
308-32 Queens Rd. 
Charlotte, NC 28204 

Bates, Allison L. 
107 Fallsworth Dr. 
: Cary, NC 27513 

! Beckman, Talia A. 
I 315 East 84th St. 
* New York, NY 10028 

! Bikle, Charlotte T. 
I 2304 Quail Rd. 
J Wilson, NC 27893 

1 Boette, Margaret W. 
i 5042 nClemson Ave. 
: Columbia, SC 29206 

I Brannock, Jade E. 

: 1112 Oakside Court 
! Raleigh, NC 27619 

SBridger, Margaret T. 
!2610Lakeview Dr. 
(Raleigh, NC 27609 

1 Bridger, Sloan 

I' 800 Lake Boone Trail 

| Raleigh, NC 27607 

i Brooks, Sarah Beth 
Box 210 Stuart Hall 
- Staunton, VA 24401 

l Browne, April N. 
513 East Club Blvd. 
Durham, NC 27704 

i Bullock, Carolyn L. 
fP.O. Box 462 
/Knightdale, NC 28352 

Butler, Bridget E. 
407 Wonderwoood Dr. 
Charlotte, NC 2821 1 

Calandra, Sarah M. 
1 50 Mill Lane Rd. 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Castanas, Nicolette G. 

3151 H Walnut Creek Parkway 

Raleigh, NC 27606 

Caudill, Casey E. 

230 Fairhaven Dr., Rt. 2 

Blountville, TN 37617 

Clark, Christina 
1911 Stanton Rd. 
Kinston, NC 28501 

Clark, Heather 
612 College St. 
Clinton, NC 38238 

Colmenares, Aura 
8951 Hawthorne Ave. 
Surfside,FL 33154 

Covert, Becky 
1502 Rogers Rd. 
Graham, NC 27253 

Coward, Hollie 

2417 Loreine's Landing Lane 

Richmond, VA 23233 

Crummie, Judy Katherine 
3405 Arboretum PI. 
Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Dalton, Heath C. 
7905 Tylerton Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27613 

Dawson, Sarah Parker 
104 Palmer PI. 
Washington, NC 27889 

Delano, Danne 

135 Derby Forest Ct. 

Roswell, GA 30076 

Downey, Melissa 
10801 The Olde Place 
Raleigh, NC 27614 

Dunstan, Jenny 

403 South Queen Street 

Windsor, NC 27983 

Dupree, Elizabeth 
Route 4 Box 417 
Tarbobo, NC 27886 

Dyer, Alucia P. 

2644 Soylhwest Ravensview Dr. 

Portland, OR 97201 

Easley, Christine T.\ 
2141 Ascott Rd. 
Juno Isles, FL 33408 

Edgell, Jennifer 

907 South Method Dr. 

Raleigh, NC 

Engstrom, Katherine 
Clayyton, NC 27520 

Fincher, Sandra P. 
Rt. 2 Box 185 
Nebo, NC 28761 

Finley, Anne W. 
106 Waverly Green 
Staunton, V A 24401 

Fulenwider, Marjorie Lena 
1801 Grace St. 
Wilmington, NC 28405 

Furr, Jamie L. 
708 Dartmouth Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Gardner, Kristen 
3149 Laurel Ridge 
Hickory, NC 28601 

Goddard, Caroline 
Quaint Acres 
Boston, VA 22713 

Goines, Kimberly E. 
3305 Mandy Lanes 
Morehead City, NC 28557 

Goldman, Rebecca Ann 
5 Grosscup Rd. 
Charleston, WV 25314 

Gorman, Lisa 

3012 Ravenwood Dr. 

Lynchburg, VA 23229 

Green, Mary Virginia 
2201 Canal Dr. 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Griffin, Ashley D. 
135 Burlington St. 
Holden Beach, NC 28462 

Grimes, Catherine Webster 
408 Landerwood Lane 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Hall, Jennifer A. 
Boone, NC 28607 

Hamill, Gina 
Rt. 3 Box 330 
Enfield, NC 27823 

Hartman, Courtnay B. 
315 South Main St. 
North East, MD 21901 

Hatcher, Mary C. 
7505 Trudy Lane 
Gamer.NC 27529 

Haynes, Tiffany 
Raleigh, NC 27610 

Haynes, Tressa KT. 
1901 Pendleton St. 
Columbia, SC 29201 

Hodges, Cary 
12 36th St. 
Hickory, NC 28601 

Holmes, Elizabeth 
2528 Glenwood Ave. 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Holscher, Elizabeth 
208 Cherokee Rd. 
Charlotte, NC 28207 

Hopper, Paula 
Rt.3 Box 187B 
Oxford, NC 27565 

Houck, Ann Summerson 
4635 Fieldale Rd. 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Ikemiya, Kanae 
2504 Gatwick Ct. 
Raleigh, NC 27613 

Jacobs, Margaret 
3104 Monument Ave. 
Richmond, VA 23221 

Jaegar, Jane Brooke 
1936 Tucker Lane 
Roanoke, VA 24151 

James, Virginia 

P.O.Box 68 

ML Pleasant, NC 28124 

Jarrell, Angel R. 
101-B Garden St. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Johanson, Marion Lee 
301 Brooks Ave. 
Raleighh, NC 27607 

Jordan, Katherine E. 
142 Ellerslie Dr. 
Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Kicidis, Patricia Michelle 
1742 Cavendish Ct. 
Charlotte, NC 28211 


King, Donna E. 
8837 Wilwood Links 
Raleigh, NC 27613 

Lamm, Sarah L.W. 
390 Kimberly Dr. 
Asheville, NC 28804 

Lassiter, Cathertine D. 
1105 Cardinal Dr. 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Lawson, Kristy • 
13700 Solstice Close 
Midllothian, VA23113 

Lewellen, Laura M. 
1131 Windsor Dr. 
Wilmington, NC 28403 

Lovell, Christina L. 
709 Decatur Rd. 
Jacksonville, NC 28540 

Martin, Lisa 
400 Charlotte St. 
Asheville, NC 28801 

McCoy, Angela Lynn 
Rt.2 Box 349 
Rockingham, NC 28379 

Mcllhenny, Rosemary 
General Delivery 
Avery Island, La. 70513 

Milner, Martha R. 

Rt.7 Box 106 A Coffee Rd. 

Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Mountcastle, Caroline H. 
2887 Galsworthy Dr. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Nanniga, Allison 
20 East 49th St. 
Savannah, GA 31405 

Nordan, Suzanne 
122 0verbrookDr. 
Concord, NC 28025 

Norfleet, Elizabeth R. 
640 Rock Creek Rd. 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Norman, Claire G. 
3512 Canterbury Rd. 
New Bern, NC 28563 

O'Brien, Catherine 
Box SS 5669 
Nassau, Bahamas 

O'Brien, Shelia 
Box SS 5669 
Nassau, Bahamas 

Ohkila, Yumi 

1585-27 Ozenji Asao-ku 

Kawasaki City , Japan 

Oyler, Katherine 
340 Pine Valley Rd. 
Marrietta, Ga 30067 

Poole, Mandy 
Rt. 2 Box 190 
Wake Forest, NC 27587 

Poythress, Janet 
4503 St. Andrew's Dr. 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Pulliam, Katherine, 

N. 88 W. 5444 Regency Ln. 

Cedarburg, WI 53012 

Ratzlaff, Martha P. 
Danville, KY 40422 

Reason, Sonya Michele 
RL 1 Box 836 
WiUiamston, NC 27892 

Sharp, Virginia K. 
3526 Canterbury Rd. 
New Bern, NC 28562 

Simerville, Keely M. 
1441 Queens Rd. West 
Charlotte, NC 28207 

Simpson, Leslie C. 
3133-D Aileen Dr. 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Smith, Susan 
RL 1 Box 97-A 
Brookneal, VA 24528 

Starr, Sherridan S. 
3458 Turtle Cove Ct. 
Marietta, GA 30067 

Steck, Marietta J. 
202 Willoughby Blvd. 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

Stephens, Grace 
Lee's Hill Box 309 
Irvington, VA 22408 

Stevens, Sarah 

4639 Townesbury Lane 

Raleigh, NC 27614 

Strickler, Kerrie 
401 Shore Dr. 
Emporia, VA 23847 

Sutherlin, Leila 
2914 Camp St. 
New Orleans, LA 701 15 

Svendsgaard, Lisa 
102 Concord Dr. 

Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Uchida, Satomi 
1124 SataHatogaya 
Saitama, Japan 

Van Dyke, Elizabeth 
3901 Northhampton Rd. 
Durham, NC 27707 

Wade, Eugenia 
3904 Swarthmore Rd. 
Durham, NC 27707 

Walter, Whitney 
6940 Granada Blvd. 
Coral Gables, Fl 33146 

Watson, Esther M. 
3613 Dade St. 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Williams, Tina L. 
Rt. 1 Box 103 
Scranton, NC 27875 

Wray, Elizabeth 
4011 Churchill Rd. 
Charlotte, NC 2821 1